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Customers, like you, help HP get Agile


Customers, like you, help HP get Agile

We often have customers ask us if we practice what we preach and if we use our own technology within HP.  For agile development, the answer is a resounding yes! Most of our R&D teams use agile methodology, and customers, like you, help us get it right.

For example, the R&D team that develops HP Quality Center software first adopted the agile approach in 2006.  And step-by-step they have been adopting new concepts through agile’s iterative approach—using our very own HP Quality Center software.

What’s cool is that our Quality Center development team can test and gather feedback on enhancements from the two major groups who use our software—employees and external customers.  The team uses four-week long iterations with extensive testing.  Along with the testing at every phase, there is constant feedback on performance and enhancements. The end result is better software that has been more thoroughly tested and is able to be modified quickly to meet customer requirements. 

Rather than regurgitating the entire case study here, I encourage you to download the white paper and learn more about how HP is using agile.  What experiences have you had with agile development?  Are there tips and tricks that you can share with others?  Are you one of the customers who helped with the agile development?



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