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3 best BYOD bets at HP Discover

‎05-30-2014 10:55 AM - edited ‎09-07-2015 08:57 PM

We’re about 10 days away from HP Discover! I feel like we’ve run a marathon or two getting ready for what will be a FANTASTIC event.  I want to share a few key highlights so you can get the most out of your visit to Vegas.   Think of these as “good bets” for the event.



First good bet:

Mobile Enterprise without compromise.   Embrace BYOD and transform IT from the Department of “NO” into a business innovation partner. This picture demonstrated what it looks like when new mobile apps arrive.  New mobile apps show up unannounced and unplanned—








putting IT into reaction mode. And… when IT reacts… here’s what often happens:









The walls go up and IT tries to lock everything down and keep those mobile devices and apps under lock and key.    Hello?






Is this truly the best way to handle this situation?  The future is now and on Weds, June 11 at 9am in BB3203, “No Compromise Mobile Enterprise:  "The one mobility session you don’t want to miss" we’re going to explain how to make the shift from a “Department of No” to instead embracing mobile and driving innovation….   Sign up now… seats are limited.



Second good bet:

Do you want to see the end-to-end mobile lifecycle?  Of course you do!   We want to showcase how you can take mobile apps from end-to-end.  This includes: plan, design, develop, test, deploy and monitor.  We’re going to have three people show you the story of a mobile app. They will start with planning an agile project to build a mobile app, and as a result, you’ll see the life of the app as it evolves and eventually deploys to production.   Check your calendar on Thursday at 1:30 pm and join us in Developing and managing mobile apps: " The mobile application lifecycle; an end-to-end showcase" to watch this Las Vegas show. 



Third good bet:

Stories—We all like to hear stories, especially action filled adventures with heroes and villains.   I’ve got a great tip here….. We’ve got three (not two), but THREE success stories about developing mobile apps in various settings. You’ll be able to hear from the heroes of enterprise mobility and learn how you can be a hero too.    Try to join us on Weds at high noon (12PM) to hear their stories in BB3205 in Let's hear how it works in reality:  "How to succeed in mobility: Two (THREE) case studies"



That’s it.   Three top tips for HP Discover and enterprise mobile management….. If you would like to sit down face to face, we would love to talk with you.   All you have to do is drop me a note here ( and I’ll work with you sign up for a meeting time with the HP SW Mobility team….


And… of course, If you haven’t registered for HP Discover, it’s not too late! You can register here for the event that runs June 10-12 in Las Vegas. (You can also use the code “SWSOME” to save $300)


 HP Discover in Vegas is going to be exceptional.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter @HPAnywhere, at the Apps for Mobile Blog, and of course on Pronq

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