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HP ALM/QC Optimization Services: A powerful tool for cost reduction, efficiency and quality

Michael-Deady on ‎06-26-2014 08:00 AM

imagesCAEWOAPX.jpgWould you buy a high-performance racecar and ignore all the LED lights telling you that the car is under performing? Or would you simply use the low-end gears to make sure the car won’t over perform? Even successful racing teams periodically implement a performance review of their cars (the primary tool of their trade) and processes to improve their competitive edge and enhance overall performance. In most cases it’s as simple as hooking up the car to a diagnostic tool that can understand and interpret a 1000’s of individual moving parts of the car; which to us seems to be a string of unrelated events. This simple, but necessary task, gives a trained professional the information they need to make a racecar run leaner and faster than their competitors.


Remember running faster isn’t enough to win, the team that can increase performance and maximize productivity while squeezing every dime they can out of the overall cost is the real winner.


Win the race with speed and efficiency


ALM12.pngHP Software Optimization Services in conjunction with HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and HP Quality Center (QC) allows users to make significant operational cost reductions while improving the efficiency and quality of processes and applications. It also provides an insightful combination of expert configuration while using HP best practices and methodologies as a foundation for its approach.


Often times, managing a versatile and efficient HP ALM/QC instance is essential to getting the most out of any tool. HP Software Optimization Services help identify the information that can be archived and shows users how it can still be accessed without the need to re-import it back into an instance—ensuring more efficient behavior.  HP Software Optimization Services can also help with best practices for creating and maintaining the versioning on an entity (e.g. requirements and/or tests), base-lining for significant milestones, and performing change-based testing using version information. Such change-based testing can help to significantly reduce testing costs. 


Additionally, with cross-project asset sharing and re-use in the world of cross-functional IT initiatives, the same application may be incorporated into multiple initiatives. In today’s fast-paced business sector, it is critical for Quality Assurance (QA) teams to be able to share the same set of requirements, tests, test assets, and business components to validate that the new initiative is working as expected and does not disrupt the behavior of other applications.


Make the right corrections


When looking at how the racecar engines perform, one may miss the bigger picture of how the car, driver or team maybe performing. This may lead to fixing the wrong thing, incurring more expenses down the road. (Do you see my play on words?) 


In addition, HP Software Optimization Services help set up dashboards that combine multiple projects to aggregate metrics for real-time progress, status, and release views at the enterprise release level. This saves time and effort in creating these reports manually. To coordinate release activities, provide visibility, and deliver cross-projects reporting, all projects that are part of the same initiative or enterprise release need a common set of attributes. These attributes include workflows, customizations, user-defined fields, and so on. HP Software Optimization Services allows users to set up HP ALM or HP QC templates with built-in workflows that can be tailored to meet specific needs. Often times, a minor modification to an ALM environment can increase the lines of communication between development, QA, and operations to make each users day-to-day work more efficient and economical. 


raceteam.pngRacing teams don’t win the race by communicating a problem after the driver hits the wall. Instead, they communicate with the driver to avoid the wall.


Finally, HP ALM/QC Optimization Services increase the lines of communications across traditionally disparate organizations. All while promoting agility and efficiencies within both the software development lifecycle and the software testing lifecycle processes. This is necessary to identify where integrations should be happening, and assist with the effort it takes to make the connections between HP ALM/QC and other third- party products. Additionally, the HP ALM/QC Migration Service leverages a utility that was built with ease of migration and cost reduction in mind. The utility is automated so that it can run quickly without compromising the quality of the data being moved. This migration framework is proven to shorten the amount of time spent on migration and reduce project costs. This can ensure the successful migration of all ALM/QC assets for authenticity and the preservation of all referential integrity of your data with a significantly reduced project timeline.


How do racing teams get sponsors to spend millions of dollars on a sport that typically costs more to participate in then any single team can win in one season? It is because a sponsor can see a greater return on investment by backing a winning team in a single season. 


Indeed, HP Optimization Services allows users to get the most value for their ALM and QC applications. Such a service can truly make a significant impact on cutting operational costs and evaluating and optimizing a number of key areas that are essential and necessary.


We’d love to hear how your race team is achieving their goals!   Be sure to visit us at: or tweet us @HPSoftwareALM!




About the Author


Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for HP Professional Service and HP's ALM Evangelist for IT Experts Community. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.

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