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HP ALM: tools that enable collaboration, deployment and development

Brian McQuillan on ‎07-03-2014 11:44 AM

tools.pngHP Application Lifecycle Management offers an integrated set of tools that enable project teams to use consistent, repeatable, and standardized software development to manage requirements in the application development processes. For software developers, HP offers a growing portfolio of connectors that link HP ALM with common tools that connect to popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that developers use to write code and tools for building and deploying applications.


Through these integrations, HP ALM provides end-to-end support for the ALM process and the key stakeholders within it. The HP ALM platform encompasses all of the steps within application development, including:

  • The definition of requirements
  • Development of software
  • Testing and identification of defects
  •  Return to development to address defects
  • Ongoing QA work  


The HP ALM platform allows stakeholders to add metadata to link artifacts for traceability—linking requirements to tasks, source code, builds, defects, tests, and configurations. With HP ALM, team members can create requirements, build the code, test it, and manage its release all within a common environment that documents and traces all the steps in the process. Along the way, HP ALM automates the handoff of data between business analysts, developers, and QA specialists. It enables the bi-directional synchronization of requirements, defects, and test artifacts between the HP ALM platform and the IDEs used by developers. Each team can use its tools of choice, while working collaboratively in a common ALM environment to define, develop, build, and test software.


Like the software applications that sustain business needs, the HP ALM platform is continually evolving to meet new and emerging needs. Currently, focal points for the HP ALM platform include:

  • Cloud testing
  • The user experience
  • Mobile testing
  • Continuous testing
  • Flexible delivery

Without cloud testing, users can gain maximum performance and scale for the application delivery environment. Because it is paired with an enhanced user experience, access the platform from different browsers and operating platforms. This allows teams to leverage one UI for testing to create, edit and do all types of tests. Furthermore, another focal point for HP ALM is mobile testing, which enables realistic performance and functional testing for mobile applications.  Finally, continuous testing and functional delivery continue to drive quality improvements with automation and virtualization capabilities. This allows users to get started quickly with concept projects that can scale up to enterprise-level solutions.



The integrated capabilities of HP ALM’s toolset help your application delivery teams manage the logistical complexities of delivering modern applications at the speed of business. It provides a single repository for all things related to the application development lifecycle—from business requirements to source code, tests and defects. This common gathering place helps your application teams collaborate, plan, build, and accelerate the delivery of the secure, reliable software.  Through its ability to create a hub of activity and insight for your development and testing teams, HP ALM facilitates collaboration and interactive communications throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Everyone can see what everyone else is doing at any stage of a project, who is working on what, when, where, and why.


Have any thoughts or suggestions?  Be sure to tweet us @HPSoftwareALM and visit:!




About the Author

Brian McQuillan

Brian is a Product Marketing Manager for Application Development Management Solutions with and previously for Project and Application Portfolio Management, with extensive experience in presales and implementation roles.

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