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HP Agile Manager 2.0 for Agile Development Teams is NOW available!

Bruce_R on ‎06-01-2014 08:33 PM

Agile Manager logo.jpg


One of the most exciting new products in HP Software is getting even better! You now have a choice in how you buy and use HP Agile Manager. Now you can use it as a full-SaaS solution with unparalleled security as well as reduced administration and upgrade costs, or you can choose to buy on-premise for full control of the application.  Even before the official release, customers have been lining up behind Agile Manager 2.0 to make bold statements about the benefits they saw during beta.  Our first on-premise customer stated: 


“You could tell your other customers that even an executive managed to install it.” 


Couple HP Agile Manager on-premise delivery with other enterprise v2.0 enhancements, like alignment with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and multiple methodology support (like Scrum, Kanban or various combinations of Agile) and you have a winning solution.  Or you can chose either Agile Manager implementation option and use the already-existing developer IDE, ALM/QC, and PPM integrations, and you have unique solution. Now you can deliver with velocity and quality and meet the application delivery needs of any size of organization, no matter where you are and what type of application development process you use. 


“HP Agile Manager, together with ALM provides increased visibility across application development and testing for better collaboration and risk control.”


“Support for Agile “Scrum” projects within the new PPM will significantly improve our customers’ project execution times and we will get more value out of PPM for them”


About the Author


Bruce Randall has 18 years of experience in technology product management and product marketing, has authored numerous articles, whitepapers and other content, and has presented in multiple technology forums. More importantly, Bruce has enjoyed working with thousands of customers and technology stakeholders to better understand their problems and to address them with technology solutions and services.

Bruce_R on ‎06-03-2014 07:49 AM

Hi Laurentiu...the integration is pretty strong using our ALM Synchronizer.  There are some documents I can send to you if I can get your email address?

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