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JudyRedman ‎02-22-2012 02:13 PM - edited ‎09-21-2015 02:30 PM

Alain.GIFBy Alain Decartes, WW Solution Industry Marketing Lead, Communications Media Entertainment, HP Software


When I received my latest smart phone a few weeks ago, I was amazed at how my professional life has been impacted by the evolution of this technology.  I remember the time when I was only making mobile phone calls when necessary because of the cost, when I started to send text messages as a cheaper alternative, and was thrilled when I could access a web page even through a slow connection that did not work the majority of the time. I thought that the pinnacle was reached when I had access to e-mail. Not only do I feel that it improved my productivity,but also speeded up the decision making process when I was moving out of the office.


Now I am expecting that I can bring my own personal tablet device to the office and that the IT department will give me access to the corporate web sites. And this is a game changer for the company.  As a result of my increased demand for mobile applications that could fit my mobile devices, enterprise strategies are evolving from the current focus on managing the fragmented mobile device landscape to developing and deploying a growing number of specific mobile applications for employees, customers, and partners (B2B, B2C, and B2E). It should be expected that they will be looking for tools to support the application lifecycle management and end-to-end operation and monitoring of their mobile applications, from testing complex environment across multiple interfaces and systems to validating their security and performance.


mobile.GIFHowever, the number of mobile applications will be somewhat limited.   Following an HP sponsored global market study (HP Enterprise Application Store (EAS) Frost Research - Jan 2012), 81% of the respondents said they will have two to ten mobile applications deployed.  Also, when considering their lack of end-to-end expertise on mobile technology, more than 50% of the companies surveyed say that they will turn to Service Providers or Outsourcers for the development, validation and deployment of their mobile applications infrastructure as a cloud service. Simply put, the majority of enterprise IT will not have the resources, leverage, or budget to go it alone.  Firms will have to go outside to keep up with the innovation and lower costs. Their requirements will vary as they will engage in a range of different mobile applications management:  across multiple OSs (ios, Android, Windows or Symbian), with native device applications or mobile Web applications, and across different network providers, mobile technology (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE. Wifi) or even geographical dispersions.


mobileappsCOE.GIFThat’s why the Mobile Applications Center of Excellence is targeting service providers and large corporations that want to optimize their mobility services implementation.  For ENTERPRISE it will accelerate the time to market of their mobile application lifecycle management and help them to focus on company-wide processes or end-to-end quality control for mobile applications.  For SERVICE PROVIDERS, it creates new revenue streams by offering an expanded IT mobile services portfolio to their business customers.  For BOTH, it decreases their cost by offering an efficient end to end monitoring and management of mobile applications.


For ME, strangely enough, it makes me feel rewarded and somewhat happier about the way I am operating within the company.


The Mobile Applications Center of Excellence is composed of a series of HP and 3rd party solutions addressing the application transformation efforts for enterprise IT going mobile.  If you want to discover how you will be able to support your enterprise customer with their Application Lifecycle Management and End-to-End Monitoring and Management please contact


Biography of Alain Decartes

Alain Decartes has over three decades experience working in the Telecommunication and IT Sector building his expertise on Value Added Services, Cloud Services and Apps Store market worldwide. As a member of the global HP Software’s Industry Vertical Marketing team, he focuses his initiatives on HP's IT Performance Suite, cloud and mobility strategy for the Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) industry and sub-segments. He has strong skills in international sales, marketing and business development. He is a popular speaker, moderator or chair at worldwide industry conferences.

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Judy Redman has been writing about all areas of technology for more than 20 years.

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