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How end-to-end performance testing can achieve higher app velocity without sacrificing quality

‎02-18-2014 03:31 PM - edited ‎09-18-2015 03:06 PM

For customer-facing and business-critical applications, poor performance is simply not an option. The stakes are already high, and they will only get higher.


But businesses are also demanding accelerated deployments of mobile, cloud and other cross-platform software that is often built upon code from multiple sources. These sources can include: open source, commercially-built and customized packaged applications.


This scenario leaves performance testing stuck in-between. Performance testing is essential for global releases, security and compliance concerns; but it too often becomes a bottleneck in an era of rapid, frequent agile iterations.


Effectively managing end-to-end performance testing


ALM IDC WP.pngA new must-read white paper from IDC explores this dynamic in application performance management. It offers important insights for how organizations can adapt performance testing to complex, fast-moving application lifecycles.

IDC goes into detail about four keys to creating a more comprehensive, united application performance testing framework:

  1. Couple performance test management with PPM — This offers visibility and control that lets you prioritize resources and enable metrics as work is completed.
  2. Connect performance testing with core ALM phases — Bring performance testing processes and results back into the lifecycle process to increase the predictability of application performance and improve user satisfaction throughout the life of the application.
  3. Integrate testing and test automation into agile and continuous integration processes — Without this coordination, testing can continue to be a bottleneck that either occurs too late in the process to be effective or is an afterthought that leads to software production defects.
  4. Define best practices for conducting performance testing as part of ALM to succeed with complex sourcing — When combined, automation, iterative processes and the right analytics tools can support effective offshore testing strategies in agile development.

Performance Testing, Evolved

The IDC white paper describes a compelling vision for performance testing that spans requirements, testing, and user experience and monitoring. It also factors in release management coordinated by effective project portfolio approaches.


I highly recommend taking a look for how IDC defines an application performance testing framework, and how to think about the relationship between a successful approach to performance testing and related IT elements such as monitoring, security, ALM, and PPM.


With so much riding on both the quality and velocity of application releases, performance testing is going to play a big and growing role in the success of software teams.


Performance Testing: A Successful Framework for User-Centric Apps


We also recently worked with IDC on a webinar entitled “Performance Testing: A Successful Framework for User-Centric Apps”. This on-demand webinar will give you the opportunity to learn:

  • The market trends and evolution relevant to performance testing and management systems
  • Technology challenges and the resulting requirements and criteria defining the framework for successful and secure performance testing
  • The need for market and for users to better understand application performance management in the context of close optimization of ALM



Download the IDC white paper, “Driving Business Optimization with End-to-End Performance Testing”

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WW Sr Product Marketing Manager for HP ITPS VP of Apps & HP Load Runner

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