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How to overcome 9 common obstacles to friction-free agile Dev/Test for composite applications

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) on ‎02-27-2014 04:34 PM

Guest post by Ferhan Kilical, senior product marketing manager


Today’s application teams run a never-ending relay race. Agile Dev/Test requires continuous forward motion to deliver ever higher quality software to market as fast as possible.


Woman with pen.pngIt’s compelling image: runners seamlessly handing off a baton as they blaze around the track. However, the practical realities are more complex. Modern applications are now typically developed with interconnected components of multiple services. Some systems are based in the cloud, others are mainframe apps, while some components are legacy or are behind a firewall with strict restrictions. All of them have different protocols.


This complexity creates challenges especially for the many test phases, placing barriers in the path of testers and causing delays.



9 obstacles — an HP customer’s experience


In a recent HP customer webinar, the technical and test lead at a leading regional German telecommunications service provider described nine common challenges his team face in staging a complete and realistic test environment for its composite applications:


  1. Not all external systems have test capability — Some service components cannot be tested until the application is in production
  2. Test systems not always available — Shutdowns for weekends or other scheduled downtime for maintenance cause delays
  3. Test systems restricted or expensive — Paying for every data set becomes cost-prohibitive with continuous testing
  4. New interface with other component isn’t implemented — Testing has to wait until implementation is complete, but if both sides are waiting for the other, testing is delayed
  5. 5.    Test systems that can’t be configured — Without the ability to pre-set positive or negative results, testers need to wait until test is complete and then review results
  6. Testing pushed to the end of development — With as many as 40 systems involved in some development projects, they required all 40 to be up and running without major errors to properly test, which forced them to only test late in the process
  7. No standardized approach for test simulations — Shortcuts that bypass external systems are created ad hoc, so there is no single comprehensive and consistent approach to always testing
  8. 8.    Blind-spots in simulations — Workarounds to bypass other systems result in gaps in the testing process
  9. 9.    Test code and application code become mixed — Before the application is shipped to production, the workaround test code must be removed, creating a new untested version of the application


Overcome Wait time.pngHow service virtualization helps


It’s likely that most Dev/Test teams have experienced some or all of these challenges implementing continuous testing for composite applications. In this case, the HP customer turned to service virtualization, which emulates the behavior of all the components used by the composite application for realistic end-to-end testing. Service virtualization has helped improve quality and time to market, while removing unnecessary costs and reducing project risk.


Watch the webinar

Learn more about how this HP customer employs service virtualization, including the 5-step process it created to virtualize services and specific tips on using HP Service Virtualization tool.


Click here to view “Overcome wait time, cost and inefficiency within test and dev to improve quality”


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