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Let’s discover together—HP Software keynote: Deliver Amazing Apps fast with Confidence

on ‎06-04-2014 05:18 PM

I love to watch pro cycling and skiing.  When you see a cyclist or skier moving at high velocity in complete control, their motion is fluid, effortless and graceful.  It is a beautiful thing to see.  However, have you ever seen a cyclist or skier try to go faster than their comfort zone?  You watch them careen down a road or mountain, wobbling and weaving, with hands tightly gripped to their handle bars or poles.  And sometimes the outcome is undesired, coming to a sudden stop and spraying gravel or snow, or ending in a heap after an unsightly crash.  Worst case, they may impact other skiers, cyclists or spectators. 




It’s much the same with application teams delivering the software that powers business today.  In an effort to stay ahead of the competition and deliver products and solutions more quickly, teams may speed up their iterations. They may be developing faster but they may also risk skipped steps, dropped hand-offs, reduced verification and testing, and potentially leaking defects into production. This laser focus on speed may result in sudden stops and increased re-work, or even a painful crash in production.  And, like the cyclist or skier, there may be a ripple effect on other applications, unhappy customers or even lost revenue.


Take control at HP Discover:  Attend HP Software's Application Delivery Management keynote for insights on achieving the balance of quality and velocity 


It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation with speed and confidence.  Confidence comes from knowing your new applications or application updates are ready for production and that they perform well, are secure and are designed to delight users. And, there are proven steps you can take today to start building in greater visibility and insight to intelligently deliver applications fast with confidence. These key steps include but are not limited to closing feedback loops, removing dependencies through service and network virtualization and engineering in relentless automation. These steps can help your teams ensure that the overhead of attaining confidence does not slow down your goals of speed.  Want to hear these key steps first hand?   Come to HP Discover and join Robert Youngjohns, EVP of HP Software, as he shares and demonstrates how to deliver apps quickly with confidence.


Explore intelligent application delivery:



Intelligent application delivery begins with three foundational elements: quality, automation and virtualization.  All applications go through a lifecycle regardless of what development methodology your teams are using to deliver faster.  This lifecycle needs to infuse quality at every step.  An application lifecycle encompasses well-crafted design and business-aligned requirements, collaborative development and testing in an environment as close to production as possible, and the insight to determine  readiness for delivery.  Having visibility and traceability between these lifecycle processes and teams that drive them is vital. It is also important to have a single view of the state of your application project at any point in time, so you can easily and immediately see and act on areas of potential risk to quality and readiness. This knowledge becomes core to achieving speed and confidence.   A unified ALM solution with a common view and shared lifecycle asset repository is the underpinning of this.


Second, inject your application lifecycle with relentless automation.  Ensure manual processes are identified and wherever possible, supported with connected feedback loops and task and workflow automation.   Errors and rework lurk at hand-off points.  It is important to automate testing and environment provisioning so that the most valuable resources—people—focus on exploration, defining the user experience and optimizing.


Third, be persnickety about removing delay-causing impediments.  Employ the power of virtualization wherever possible to ensure your teams have the most realistic development and test environments possible 24x7.  Today, we can virtualize load for performance, virtualize service and API behavior and even virtualize the behavior of global networks.  Do not let constraints slow your teams down or encourage cutting corners.   Remember Murphy’s Law.  If your production environment differs from dev and test and you don't test in a realistic scenario, you are likely to have the same outcome as that uncontrolled skier or cyclist.  This keynote will dive into the why and how of service and network virtualization, definitely worth exploring.


A guided journey:  making it work for you 



This all sounds interesting, but how do I get there from where I am today?  The keynote will also share the concept of a guided journey—a maturity model that will help you assess where you are now and what next steps will effectively lead you towards intelligence application delivery to deliver both fast and with confidence.


Ready to go?   Here are the details for the keynote:


HP Discover Vegas:  June 10-12th


  • HP Software ADM Keynote with Robert Youngjohns, EVP HP Software
  • Tuesday, Jun 10, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM– Bellini 2106


I look forward to seeing you at the keynote and at HP Discover. Feel free to stop by the ALM area and get your toughest questions answered. We will also have experts at the Software Guru bar—this is your chance to try to “stump the panel”.  Visit us at the Application Lifecycle Management and Quality and Performance Validation Software zone on the solution showcase to demo the latest solutions to help balance speed and quality.    


Finally, follow all the action on Twitter at @HPSoftwareALM



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Kelly has over 20 years experience with enterprise systems and software in individual contributor and manager roles across product management, business development and product marketing. A majority of my focus has been in areas directly related to applications spanning from developer environments, enterprise Java, integration middleware, SOA infrastructure, SOA Governance and now application lifecycle management. Kelly has a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an MBA from the University of Santa Clara.

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