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Results from InformationWeek “How To Test Without Production Access” webinar

ToddDeCapua ‎07-22-2014 12:48 PM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:13 PM

Results from InformationWeek “How To Test Without Production Access” webinar

We had another great webinar on July 22, 2014; recording available here. A lot of fun sharing some solid information along with InformationWeek on this very relevant topic of 'How to test without production access."  I start by sharing a bit on COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) and transition into helping you understand the challenges and review the four legs of the table along with references from major analysts in the market on ROI and results. I would like to encourage you to join me as we cover 'How to Test without Production Access' in four (4) easy to understand ways, including:

1.  User virtualization;
2.  Service virtualization;
3.  Network virtualization;
4.  Data virtualization.


You know that you cannot risk going into production without testing in an actual production environment, but you do not have access to production. In this webinar, you will learn why User Virtualization, (UV), Service Virtualization (SV), Network Virtualization (NV) and Data Virtualization (DV) have been so important to your peers and competitors in dealing with this issue through references, best practices, compelling ROI and Break Even Calculations.


Attend this webinar to learn how to:

1.  Make your prior to production environments like production;
2.  Ensure quality of feature function to production in the shortest time possible;
3.  Deliver high performance and resilient apps and applications into production.


Listen to see the results of the three (3) polls, my response to real-time feedback in the webinar, and answers to some of the questions we received. I am sure this will prove to be time well spent for you, and provide the talking points you need, especially as you are starting and expanding 'How to Test without Production Access' within your organization.



1.  What is the level of priority to "How To Test Without Production Access" for you?

From the resutls below, you can see that a majority (64.7%) of the participants have this as a MEDIUM, and a large percentage (88.2%) have it as a MEDIUM or HIGH level of priority. Is great to see the priority that organizations are putting on "How To Test Without Production Access" and I believe everyone will have taken away a few key points to help them move it forward within their organizations from this webinar.

2014-7-22 InformationWeek Poll 1.png


2.  Which of these do you see as essential for "How To Test Without Production Access?"

The majority (53%) selected 'All of the Above' clearly showing the need and support for the essential DevTestOps capabilities within the 4 legged table. Interestingly enough another 40% selected 'Data Virtualization' which I share the four (4) ways that HP enables you to do Data Virtualization within this webinar. 

 2014-7-22 InformationWeek Poll 2.png


3.  What is the business impact of NOT being able to test in like production virtualized environment(s)?

With the majority (78.2%) of respondents selecting 'Loss of Revenues' or 'Loss of Customers' or 'Negative Brand Impacts' I would suggest the COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) is clearly being articulated into real business impact / results, and organizations are prioritizing and investing to mitigate these real risks. Further supporting this is the fact that zero (0) participants responded with "Whatever, No Business Impact" to this survey.

2014-7-22 InformationWeek Poll 3.png



There was a very active Q&A, where we answered five (5) questions.

1.  What are some of the benefits to creating Network Virtualization?
2.  We have User Virtualization, how do we start implementing the other three?
3.  In the last picture, can you go back and walk through it again; I want to be able to articulate it just the way you did?
4.  Why are there more people not taking about these CHALLENGES, and How To Test Without Production Access?
5.  What are the risks to testing with production access?



Todd DeCapua (HP) shares a deep insight into this and several other areas, and how companies like HP are working to help address them, creating the "How To Test Without Production Access" webinar for you to learn and share. 

1.  Webinar Recording: recording available here

2.  Learn More: HP Network Virtualization (

3.  Learn More: HP Service Virtualization (



decapua-todd_HP Portrait.jpg

Todd DeCapua

Senior Product Marketing Manager of Application Delivery Management

Go-To-Market for HP Software


Todd DeCapua leads the product marketing team responsible for HP’s Application Delivery Management portfolio, spanning Network Virtualization and Service Virtualization. Todd is a senior software executive with more than twenty years of experience in IT Applications Development, IT Operations, Product Marketing, and Product Management in several domains, including Mobile, Agile, Cloud, and Performance. He has earned several industry awards and is an industry recognized leader, speaker, and author.

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steveberman2013 on ‎12-16-2014 12:40 AM

If you design and build with embeded ldap,database,webserver, etc, you can mimic an entire integration environment on a single machine, whether it be a CI environment or a developers machine.

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