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Results from “The What, When, Who, and How of Software Lifecycle Virtualization Capabilities"

ToddDeCapua ‎07-17-2014 01:19 PM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:13 PM

Results from “The What, When, Who, and How of Software Lifecycle Virtualization Capabilities” webinar

We had another great webinar on July 16, 2014; recording available here. This was a very active discussion (got a lot of comments, questions, and emails all live during the webinar) as Theresa Lanowitz (Voke) and I shared our experiences and what we are hearing / seeing in the market related to Software Lifecycle Virtualization. We would like to encourage you to join us as we cover Software Lifcycle Virtualization in four (4) easy to understand ways, including:

1.  What

2.  When

3.  Who

4.  How


POLLING RESULTS: [when viewing the results, know people could select as many options as they wanted, hence why it does not equal 100%]

1.  What Software Lifecycle Virtualization do you already have or are implementing?

From the resutls below, you can see that Virtual Services receoved the most votes with Virtual Data and Virtual Users following closely. I was expecting to see Virtual Users in the #1 spot, but am pleasantly surprised to see Virtual Services beat it out. We also had 100% participation in the poll.



2.  Who do you see as benefiting the most from Software Lifecycle Virtualization?

I was really looking forward to seeing the results from this poll. Would appear that of the participants (we also had 100% participation in the poll) they suggested that a Tester benefits the most from Software Lifecycle Virtualization. The delveloper was next, and I am THRILLED to report the customer is 3rd, and not from a long shot...think Customer should be a little higher, how about you?



3.  How do you see Software Lifecycle Virtualization helping you?

Seemingly, the majority of the people selected all of the above, being able to see how the capabilities of Software Lifecycle Virtualization can help them and their organizations. For the three others that came in high, these appear to be some of the biggest challenges we are addressing with Software Lifecycle Virtualization: Recreating Product Environments Much Faster and Cheaper; Do More Testing In Same or Less Time; Providing Environments for All Testing Activities.




There was a very active Q&A, where we answered five (5) questions.

1.  What of the Users / Services / Network / Data seem to be the highest value to organizations today?
2.  When should we begin to transform and adopt the Software Lifecycle Virtualization capabilities?
3.  Who is typically driving and funding the adoption and implementation of Software Lifecycle Virtualization?
4.  How long does it take to get small wins and displayed value of Software Lifecycle Virtualization to Business and Technology Executives? [not to mention the Customers]
5.  Is there a suggested approach to adoption / deployment of Software Lifecycle Virtualization?



Todd DeCapua (HP) along with Theresa Lanowitz (Voke), share a deep insight into Software Lifecycle Virtualization and how companies like HP are working to help address them, creating "The What, When, Who, and How of Software Lifecycle Virtualization" for you to learn and share. 

1.  Webinar Recording: recording available here

2.  Learn More: HP Network Virtualization (

3.  Learn More: HP Service Virtualization (



decapua-todd_HP Portrait.jpg

Todd DeCapua

Senior Product Marketing Manager of Application Delivery Management

Go-To-Market for HP Software


Todd DeCapua leads the product marketing team responsible for HP’s Application Delivery Management portfolio, spanning Network Virtualization and Service Virtualization. Todd is a seasoned software professional with more than twenty years of experience in IT Applications Development, IT Operations, Product Marketing, and Product Management in several domains, including Mobile, Agile, Cloud, and Performance. He has earned several industry awards and is an industry recognized leader, speaker, and author.



Theresa Lanowitz
Industry Analyst
Founder of voke inc.

Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke inc., is recognized worldwide as a strategic thinker and influencer in application lifecycle, virtualization, cloud computing, and convergence markets. Associated with some of the most breakthrough technology and products of their time, Lanowitz served as the lead industry analyst for billion-dollar enterprise software companies such as Mercury and Compuware. She holds a bachelor’s of science in computer science and mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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