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What sort of tester are you?

mcooper ‎07-29-2014 03:35 PM - edited ‎09-18-2015 10:52 AM

As the QA and testing discipline evolves and matures, a clear trend toward specialization is emerging.  In the past you could say you were simply involved with software testing or were a “tester”. But over the years, more and more specialized roles have developed. Here are some common testing roles are:


Common Testing Roles

keep calm and continue testing.pngOften pay increases with technical expertise level and experience. There is also a premium for testers with specialized domain knowledge such as SAP Testers, BI Testers, Mobile App Testers (Android and IOS.)  I have also seen large distinction in rates paid for onshore and offshore testers. 


 Beside the technical career path, there is also a growth path for test management and test leadership skills. Most medium and large organizations have one or more of the following levels of QA and Testing Leadership: Test Lead, Test Manager, Senior Managers, Director and Senior Director roles. With a growing trend toward Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE) and QA centralization, more and more VPs and SVPs are required to lead team of 500 or more QA professionals.


The good news is HP Software has great tools performing and managing almost any type of testing regardless of technology, domain and App Development Lifecycle. Find out more at or follow us on Twitter @HPSoftwareALM.


To connect with like-minded individuals, check out our HP communities dedicated to QC and UFT.


About the Author


Michael Cooper is a leader in the fields of quality assurance (QA), software testing, and process improvement. In November 2012, Michael joined the HP Software Applications team. Michael brings more than 15 years of hands on and QA and Testing leadership experience.

Emma Maggie on ‎08-04-2014 04:50 AM

You are right, we can no longer say: "I'm a tester", because people now have a different notion about testers, like you said, they think about the specialization. I'm a manual tester and I like it very much because I have full control over all that I do.

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