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Michael-Deady ‎11-28-2012 02:00 PM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:32 PM

Before I leave to eat and drink my way across Germany, (after all, this event is called Discover). I wanted to share a little bit more about me with you and where I get my motivation from. I wanted to give you a snapshot into my experience and how I became @Wh4tsup_Doc.


The importance of real world experience


th2.jpgA lot of people assume I work for HP software—especially marketing. In reality, I work for a branch of HP called Professional Services Organization (PSO). This is where I get most of my topics or viewpoints from.


The PSO team perspective is straight from the field. We often work with the users of our products—as well as our competitors’ products—this gives us insightful knowledge of what our clients are looking for. The ALM PSO team also has an extensive understanding of the complete development lifecycle and current trends in methodology. The Group isn’t known for blogging; because of intellectual property (in my case very little) and our consulting skills (how we make our living).


We know the environment is changing. We understand  that you are impacted by changes like:

  • Integration issues
  • New uses of development technology
  • Process shifts
  • Growth of shareware
  • Limitation of funds

 As a group, we felt like we needed to show customers and potential clients that we have their ROI in mind. They can count on our products, services and support.  After all, most of my teammates were hired by HP to work for the client’s best interest.


Walking in your footsteps to better understand your needs


th3.jpgIn a lot of cases, we are meeting and working with our partners and/or clients to look at small steps to take today, so clients aren’t boxing themselves into a single solution down the road. We know that the market is changing quicker than a lot of companies can afford.


I believe that the HP Software Division believes that the Professional Services Organization has a lot to contribute to software development. We also have a great deal of insight into market trends, including customer thought processes when it comes to selecting next-generation software, services and support.


I believe one key item that PSO team members have brought to the table is our ability to understand best practice processes and standards that drive a lot of software development lifecycle marketing trends today. More and more clients are looking for a tool that has built-in industry best practices and standards capabilities with the ability to become the backbone of their in-house processes. Typically, our clients like to highly customize their Toolset; however, they prefer flexible, yet mature software, to begin this process that ALM provides.



Why ALM Matters to Our Clients


Our clients value ALM because it provides leading edge strategies and solutions in the development of the next-generation Software Development Lifecycle process (SDLC). As our clients mature in the process, they can leverage the built-in abilities of the tool. Instead of using freeware, I believe that success lies in helping our HP clients realize that we are selling them the tool and services that has the center of excellence already built-in, and they only need to unlock that capability to achieve best in class.


If you haven’t already realized that you are working with the HP Professional Services group, you probably will soon.  It means that you have one of the best in class working for you. After all our performance evaluations are solely based off of customer feedback.


How I became the lucky representative of PSO


th5.jpgth6.jpgIf you want to know why I’m the only one blogging, and not the other geeks, it turns out I was the last person to the meeting that day when that topic was discussed. The moral of the story is, “Don’t be the last one to a meeting where there discussing volunteers to blog.” But I really do love blogging and hearing from everyone.  I also enjoy presenting my views on testing innovations and on Clint Eastwood Movies (that reminds me, I should add the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to my HP Tablet for the flight).


I will be blogging LIVE from Discover Frankfurt. I will share what I am learning and seeing with you. I may also share pictures of food to make you feel like you are there with me.



Auf Wiedersehen


About the Author


Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for HP Professional Service and HP's ALM Evangelist for IT Experts Community. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.

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