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All About the Apps

Sharing HPE’s customer best practices and advice on modern application lifecycle management to deliver amazing apps with confidence and speed.

Prepare for the future... Mobile Apps, Big Data and Cloud

Responsive design and 4 steps to consider

Got change? Spend a half day on-line with apps visionaries and experts for winning insights in ALM

Mobile strategy: formula for success, part 1

Building for BYOD – An app developer’s challenge

Living in interesting times – how to be ready for changes in mobile

5 types of regression software testing to try today

Understanding the web test object model in HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Mobile is on fire: don’t let your apps for mobile get burned

Doc is getting to explore the Federal Reserve

Busting Myths of Enterprise Mobile Security

Test automation without writing a single line of code … really

Tearing down the wall between Dev and Ops to create quality DevOps

Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 3 of 3

January 2016
Software Expert Days - 2016
Join us online to talk directly with our Software experts during the online Expert Days - see details below. Software experts do not monitor this foru...
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Vivit Events - 2016
Learn about upcoming Vivit webinars and live events in 2016.
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