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Time to renew my membership again, oh no!

Occasional Advisor

Time to renew my membership again, oh no!

Well now AllianceOne renewals are much easier, instead of sending you a notification which requires you to sign into the portal and update each section even if there are no changes needed we will simply send you an email with the key data in. This means you can see it all easily and can either sign in to update what is wrong or simply reply to us with the changes and we will make them on your behalf.

We do require that you look at the information and as a minimum let us know that it is all correct but we are trying to make this much easier for you. This does not mean we don’t care about the data quality anymore, we do very much but we listened to your feedback about the difficulty and time taken with the old process and have made this compromise to try and keep the data good and also make the process easier and critically quicker for you.


We hope you find this beneficial and would love to hear any comments or feedback on this.