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Announcing the new HP Enterprise Business Community Knowledge Base!

Community Manager

Announcing the new HP Enterprise Business Community Knowledge Base!

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Taking advantage of just one of the new capabilities our new community platform offers, we are excited to announce the initial release of our new Community Knowledge Base!


The Community Knowledge Base offers our members an additional way to share information with one another beyond the “conversational” discussions found in the forums – and allows other users, seeking assistance or suggestions, more ways to find potential solutions to their problems.


Contributions to the Community Knowledge Base are user-driven.  You can suggest an existing discussion within any part of the community become a knowledge base article simply by clicking on the “Nominate to Knowledge Base” link under “Topic Options” while viewing the discussion:


(Note that if you don’t see the “Nominate…” option, it means the discussion has already been nominated, likely by another user)


That topic will then be submitted to our list of discussions that would benefit from having a knowledge base article created, using the knowledge already a part of the conversation.


Please note that the best candidates for inclusion into the knowledge base are discussions where a solution to the issue has been identified.  This way, we can create a document which asks a question (or states an issue), and then also include the resolution and steps to follow.  If you're looking to ask a question, and don't yet know the answer, then posting in the forums remains the best way to seek assistance from the community.


Once content has been approved and published to the knowledge base, the board where the original discussion was located will display a small book icon next after its name, from the category page where the board is located – this indicates that a knowledge base has started for that board:



As more users nominate additional topics for inclusion, these icons will start to become more prevalent throughout the community.  So keep an eye out for good candidates – “Solved!” discussions are particularly good places to start, as those topics should have a specific answer already included within the thread.


Clicking on the book icon will bring you to the knowledge base for that particular board – at this “level” of the knowledge base, you’ll be presented with articles that pertain to that board’s subjects/topics.  But from that same location, you can use the “Navigation” portion of the page to visit other areas of the knowledge base as well.


One of the benefits to having this knowledge base be a part of our existing community, and all of its various discussion areas, is that user whose content is used to create a knowledge base article will receive credit for the information they originally shared – even if another user nominates their post for inclusion into the knowledge base.  This recognition will go towards that user’s rank within the community, just as they receive credit via kudos and accepted solutions within discussion threads.


For information on how to create knowledge base articles, please read this message.

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