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Sitescope Webservice API

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Sitescope Webservice API

I'm trying to create monitors and groups in Sitescope using the Sitescope Webservice open api.
Does any one tried it or have any documentation about it?
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Re: Sitescope Webservice API

Hi Moran,

I doubt there's any documentation about this as it's not supported.

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Re: Sitescope Webservice API

hi, i am trying to build a custom dashboard using sitescope webservice and i get error response when the methods are run from SOAP Sonar/SOAP UI.


<faultstring>com.mercury.sitescope.api.configuration.exception.ExternalServiceAPIException: Bad destination path. No group named XXXX was found</faultstring>    
<ns1:fault xsi:type="ns2:ExternalServiceAPIException" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns2="">        
<errorCode xsi:type="xsd:long">0</errorCode>        
<errorMessage xsi:type="xsd:string">Bad destination path. No group named XXXX was found</errorMessage>      
<ns3:hostname xmlns:ns3="">XXXX</ns3:hostname>    


can someone please suggest me where can i find usage documentation on the API ? as in what does each of the method expects as arguments.





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Re: Sitescope Webservice API


You're supplying group path in wrong format. Refer to method parameters in javadoc found in SiteScope\examples\integrations\api\doc
Kenneth Gonzalez
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