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How to use oracle driver on Database monitors for SiteScope 11.1x and 11.20, 11.21

by on ‎05-06-2013 08:14 AM

We must to go to and download JDBC driver according our Oracle Database and Java Version Running, in this case is the SiteScope Java version.


After downloading the file we must to follow those steps to "install" this JDBC driver.



1. Stop SiteScope Service

2. Copy the file .jar in <SiteScope_Folder>\WEB-INF\lib

3. Start SiteScope Service


With those 3 steps we install the driver. It is very important stop the service because, when SiteScope starts reads all the jar files located on WEB-INF\lib. If we doesn't do this restart, SiteScope will doesn't know about which driver we talk.


Let's try the Driver.


To try the driver, we must to go to Tools\ Database tools\ Database connection Tool


Here complete the configuration from our Oracle


Database Connection URL: jdbc:oracle.thin:@HOSTSERVER/SID

Database Driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.Oracle



here is important, you cannot use SYS, SYSADMIN then is recommended to use an user with enough rights.


And then, click on RUN TOOL


if the results are like:

Step 1: Attempting Localte Driver Class...

Driver Class: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver LOCATED SUCCESSFULLY!


Step 2: Attempting to load Driver Class...



Step 3: Attempting to connect to Database...

Database: jdbc:oracle.thin:@host/SID Connection ESTABLISHED SUCCESSFULLY!


Step 4: Attempting to Close Connection...



If this is the results, when we configure a Oracle Database, we must to use those parameters


Database Connection URL: jdbc:oracle.thin:@HOSTSERVER/SID

Database Driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.Oracle