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Script failed after BPM upgraded to BPM 9.03

by on ‎01-15-2013 03:10 PM


A script was running properly under BPM 7.52.  After upgrading to BPM 9.03, we are getting the error - Decompression function (wgzMemDecompressBuffer) failed, return code=-5 (Z_BUF_ERROR), inSize=0, inUse=0, outUse=0. The script is running fine in VuGen. 


When error code received is -5, it means that there was an error on the compresion method, usually when this error occurs on the BPM and not on the Vugen, it means that there's a network or server bottlenecks because the compression method consumes resources on the server.
Need to re-compile the script on VuGen, when compiling the script change the Network buffer, on the VuGen program, click on Vuser -> Runtime settings -> Internet Protocol -> Preferences, click on Options and change the parameter for "Network Buffer Size" to 49152.

This will encrease the Buffer Size so it reduces the number of packages making the BPM to spend less resources and avoiding the error.

john3232 on ‎01-30-2013 09:46 AM

Had a similar problem. How many characters is the name of your script? If it is longer than 30 BPM will not run it in 9.03 or 9.13 BPM. That was the issue with mine.