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SiteScope Alert - grab url text and pass it as parameter

by on ‎09-06-2011 08:56 AM


I have a url content test that returns "SUCCESS" when everything is working. I am using a urlcontent test to search for /SUCCESS/ and it works fine.

I want to grab the text on the url if it fails (would return "FAILURE" or "EXCEPTION" and some text or code following it).

Is there a way to take that text and pass it onto my alert? I might get something like "EXCEPTION - Jboss error code 967" and want that to go on my alert.

Running SiteScope 9.02 with classic 8888 console.


The solution you are looking for is to use correct regular expression. In order to see matched value use regexp in brackets, for instance: use /(.FAILURE*)/ instead of /.FAILURE*/

In this case you will see matched value in monitor status. To see your monitor status in alert message you need to add parameter '' to your alert template.

For instance:
1. go to \SiteScope\templates.mail\ (in case of e-mail alert)
2. edit template you want to use: (for example Typical) add the line like 'Status: ' if it's not presented there.

HGCasas on ‎01-03-2014 10:21 AM


I need to create a variable in SiteScope so it can be used in 10 Monitors. Please Someone can tell me how to do it
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.