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UCMDB ver. 9.00 setup/install problems

by on ‎12-07-2011 12:56 PM


I am new to the CMDB world and I am trying to set up a simple demo on a system and cannot get past the initial install. I have the following:

64 bit AMD duoCore server w/ 4GB RAM
Windows 2008 enterprise
DDM/uCMDB ver 9.0.0

All components are loaded on one server and the server is not in a domain. Just using local system authentication

WHen I try to create the schema in the initial setup from the "UCMDB Server Configuration Wizard" I get the error:

"com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmDbDallException: [Error bla bla bla

In a nutshell from the logs it says"Could'nt connect to Database"

I found this fix in the "Deployment Guide" but still no sucess.

The cmdb.conf file does not get created in the conf directory even after following fix instructions.

• The UCMDB Server Configuration Wizard fails when trying to connect to schemas created manually or by the SQL script. To work around this limitation, perform the following procedure:
a. Run the UCMDB Server Configuration Wizard. For details, see "Access the UCMDB Server Configuration Wizard" in the HP Universal CMDB Deployment Guide PDF. In the CMDB Schema dialog box, select Connect to an existing schema.
Enter the necessary connection information. Click OK.
Ignore any error messages.
Close the Configuration Wizard by clicking Cancel.
Verify that the cmdb.conf file exists in the conf directory.
b. Start the HP Universal CMDB Server. For details, see "Starting and Stopping the Server" in the HP Universal CMDB Deployment Guide PDF.
The Server does not start and throws an exception.
c. Run the Configuration Wizard again.
Input the missing parameters again.
This time Configuration Wizard finishes successfully.
d. Start the HP Universal CMDB Server as normal.


When you install it creates doc files

Refer Database guide in that particularly page NO 36 37 and 38 after that

In Deployment guide refer

Accessing HP Universal CMDB Through
the IIS Web Server(Chapter 24)

Do as mentioned in the guide then again try to connect to sql server ....