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My NASCAR Experience

on ‎11-20-2013 11:04 AM

CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vexpert 2012 logo.gif


Here on ATSB, I mentioned that I was attending a couple of NASCAR Business Series events that happened at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) and at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR).  I can't thank my friends at NASCAR enough for including me.  And it was so cool to see people on the TV the weekend after each race that I had met at the TMS and PIR events - people like NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Jarrett, Miss Sprint Cup Girl, and some of the NASCAR drivers we met.  And as a thank you, NASCAR sent me a race helmet signed by the 12 racers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase, especially after Jimmie Johnson became a 6-time champion in the final race this past weekend.


My focus at these events was to help small and midsize business owners better understand social media and how to utilize it in their businesses.  At the TMS event, I was on a panel discussion.  By the time I got to Phoenix (thank you Glen Campbell for the song title), I was asked to do the social media keynote.  I had my son Cameron with me and had him video that session.  If you're curious what I talked about, here's that video. 



Another cool thing I discovered is that Twitter now has a custom timeline feature.  So after the events wrapped up, I created a Twitter timeline of tweets from the two events.  Check out the timeline - I think this is really cool!  And check out the picture I have of the race helmet I mentioned in the timeline.



Lastly, I got some pretty good pictures of my visits to the two events and thought I'd include those for you to check out as well.  These are the pictures I posted on my Flickr account.  One picture I need to explain - I went to college in Phoenix and the only company I've ever worked for besides HP is Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix.  I took a short side trip to drive past it with my son to show him where I worked when I was in college - and given I just celebrated 30 years with HP this past week, it was pretty cool to see Courtesy Chevrolet. 




Lastly, given the SMB focus we had at the NASCAR Business Series events I wanted to share with you a brand new website we have for SMBs.  I've been critical internally about our web pages - too much information.  These new pages are literally beautiful and I think are what you'll see more of across all pages.  I REALLY like it!

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I have worked at HP and now HPE for 32 years, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.

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