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Analytics for Human Information: Winning Fans’ Hearts, Minds, and Dollars, Lap After Lap

ChrisSurdak ‎06-05-2014 06:47 AM - edited ‎02-19-2015 01:36 PM

Today’s mass media companies face greater challenges than ever before.  Our world is awash in content, mobility,
social media and personalization, and when consumers turn on their television for entertainment they now have thousands of channels of content from which to choose.  Those same viewers have become increasingly fickle, as most viewing is no longer passive.  Rather, audiences increasingly demand interaction and engagement through a multi-screen, amplified experience, where television programming is enhanced, or even scripted, by social content.


HAVEn_Nascar_v7.jpgIn the fast-paced world of auto racing NASCAR is a preeminent provider of exciting, competitive, heart-pounding entertainment and NASCAR’s fans are amongst the most loyal of any media channel.  And yet, even NASCAR realizes that on race day, viewer interests and preferences can change faster than a hot pit crew.


To respond to these changing expectations, to draft and pass fans’ desires for exciting and engaging content, NASCAR realized that it had to think outside of the lines. Fans didn’t want race coverage, they wanted immersion.  They didn’t just want to watch the race, they wanted to talk about it.  They didn’t just want to cheer their favorite driver, they wanted to talk to them. They didn’t want to just see the action, they wanted to feel it. 


To achieve this level of interaction NASCAR sought out the help of the global leader in putting data and technology to work in new and innovative ways.


The NASCAR Fan and Media Engagement Center, Powered by HP

Leveraging the full portfolio of technical solutions from HP,  NASCAR launched their Fan and Media Engagement Center in 2013.  This center is a clearinghouse for all things NASCAR.  Video, social, audio, digital all blend together to give NASCAR a holistic, comprehensive view of what fans are interested in, as the race unfolds. 

Through powerful yet simple visualization tools the center taps into over 6,000 tweets a minute, 565,000 posts per day and one million posts per event. This vast tank of fan content, captured and monitored in real time, fuels a content engine that constantly adjusts to changing race conditions.  This allows NASCAR to understand what aspects of their coverage is trending, what fans care about, and what keeps them engaged throughout each race weekend.


Action at the Speed of Insight

Most importantly, all of this data is actionable data.  Media coverage is tailored in real-time to what viewers want, and producers are able to find, enhance and mold fan excitement as the race unfolds. Fan feedback is immediately turned into insight and that insight can be acted upon instantly, allowing a degree of interactivity fans love — and advertisers value.  


After all, keeping fans revved up about racing is what NASCAR is all about.  With the Engagement Center NASCAR places fans in the center of the action, and makes them active participants in their entertainment, rather than passive viewers.  With insight NASCAR delivers a superior viewing experience, engaged and involved fans, and a deeply-understood and loyal consumer base for advertisers.


View this video to learn why NASCAR knows its fans 100% better leveraging Big Data.




How to Learn More

Does your business need more mileage from your social media investments? Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to monetize customer data, and win the race for customers’ hearts and minds?  Contact HP today to find out how our technology, people and expertise can put your business in the winner’s circle.





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About the Author


Chris Surdak is a Subject Matter Expert on Information Governance, analytics and eDiscovery for HP Autonomy. He has over 20 years of consulting and technology experience, and holds a Juris Doctor from Taft University, an MS from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a CISSP Master's Certificate from Villanova and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. Chris is author of the Big Data strategy book, "Data Crush," which was recently nominated as International Book of the Year for 2014, by GetAbstract. Chris is also contributing editor and columnist for European Business Review magazine.

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