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UFT BPT nightmare

Valued Contributor

UFT BPT nightmare

I am struggling to get UFT 11.52 SP1 working with BPT components on QC 11 Patch 15.

I have QC installed on one VM, UFT on another, I am connecting to QC via IE Browser on the UFT machine. The UFT 11.52 Patch 1 plugin for QC is installed on the UFT machine.


I can create a component remotely, record that component, and run the component successfully.


However when I come to run a test created in QC that has that component in it, it will open UFT and the component, but then not do anything. No objects are being recognised. I stop the failed test, and do an object spy, all the objects are being recognised as Window objects of type "Internet Explorer Server", not Browser objects.


Also, I am unable to associate a shared repository with the component, the option to do so is greyed out.


Anyone had UFT working with BPT? Any ideas? Does the ALM plugin have to be installed on the QC server aswell?