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Leveraging HP Moonshot with HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops

celialawren on ‎01-23-2014 11:16 AM

By Peter French, Program Manager for HP Enterprise Group Knowledge Management



The HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops is powered by HP Moonshot—an all-in-one compute, storage, and networking system—delivering desktops for Citrix XenDesktop non-persistent users. Providing mainstream users a dedicated PC experience with the business graphics and multimedia performance needed, this solution boosts TCO by up to 44 percent and lowers power requirements up to 63 percent.


This hosted-desktop infrastructure provides users with Microsoft Windows functionality by using high-density, unshared desktop images running in an enterprise environment (on dedicated, unshared hardware). End users can remotely access the desktop image using a combination of a thin client and a monitor via local desktop as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smart devices. HDI leverages the HP Project Moonshot server platform to provide these dedicated desktops.


The HP Moonshot System HDI solution leverages the latest System on a Chip from AMD with built-in GPU/APU. This enables delivery of a natural desktop video experience, all in a low power envelope with high density.


 citrix components.png




Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop provides a complete delivery model for virtual/remote desktops. The HP Moonshot System HDI solution uses this technology to manage HDI dedicated desktops.


The Citrix-Moonshot System HDI deployment is similar to a standard Citrix deployment model and includes a Moonshot desktop element added to indicate management through XenDesktop management tools. HDI desktops are offered with the same brokering tools as XenDesktop. The Citrix PVS server is a key technology for enabling HP Moonshot System HDI. Citrix PVS streams a complete OS and application image to desktops running in both virtual and physical environments.  Look for a future blog soon for more information on the role that Citrix PVS plays in the ConvergedSystem 100 functionality.





HP Moonshot 1500 chassis

The HP Moonshot 1500 chassis provides several shared functions that are leveraged by HDI solutions.





Five fans, dual-rotored, rear-serviceable shared/hot-plug fans


Redundant switches


Four HP common-slot power supplies


Single federated iLO CM module



Shared power and cooling

The HP Moonshot 1500 chassis supports up to four 1500 W hot-plug power supplies for N+1 redundancy. The chassis supports five hot-plug fan modules, each containing two fans per module, for a total of ten. The HP Moonshot 1500 chassis also supports advanced power management using the SL-APM and HP power distribution for racks.


Shared management

The HP Moonshot 1500 chassis has an integrated management network that provides command line access to view status and control resources. The HDI solution comes with a set of PowerShell scripts to view desktop management and enable the integration of application management environments. For sample scripts, see HP Moonshot system HDI sample scripts in the Getting Started Guide (for a complete OS image before it is moved to the Citrix XenDesktop PVS server.


Shared networking

The HP Moonshot 1500 chassis can accommodate up to two hot-plug Ethernet switches. Most deployment models for HDI deploy with two switches. Each m700 node has two NICs. One NIC is connected to Switch A, and one NIC is connected to Switch B. This enables dual active/active teaming, failover support, and 2 GB of aggregate bandwidth. Each switch has 180 downlink ports, one for each node. This provides a total of 360 1 GB downlink ports.


Both switches have a corresponding uplink module, each with four 40 GB QSFP+ uplink ports. You can use these ports for switch stacking and uplinks to a ToR or network core switch.



Want more information?  Check out the website here.








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