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What happens when your trusted vendor abandons you?

tammie_aron on ‎07-22-2014 08:24 AM

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. It’s inevitable. As part of the selling/buying cycle, we’re used to analysing the FUD to see what really matters and what doesn’t.



But when IBM - your strategic x86 server partner - announces plans to sell their x86 business to another vendor on the other side of the world, Lenovo, it’s not just FUD anymore. It affects not just your future IT strategy and acquisitions, but every investment you’ve already made to date that depends on the IBM x86 platform. For many of you, that includes the very foundation of your datacenter in terms of both traditional and cloud based infrastructure.



IBM’s move raises serious questions, and now is the ideal opportunity to evaluate your options. As you work your way through the questions below, know that with HP as your strategic partner, your servers won’t be stranded and you can be confident that HP service and support will be with you every step of the way.



  • Can two different companies (IBM and Lenovo) with different cultures, strategy, vision and execution provide the end-to-end integrated solutions, service and support that your business requires?
  • What happens if IBM’s support contract doesn’t materialize or expires and Lenovo – an unknown quantity with limited enterprise-scale experience – takes over?
  • What will be the financial impact to customers of involving a 3rd party for support where product and maintenance don’t hold the same trade-offs they once did?
  • How will the separation of build and support affect the delivery of the New Style of IT where converged solutions, mobility, cloud, Big Data and integration with software defined data centers is critical to business innovation?
  • Lenovo may learn how to build an x86 server, but do they understand your business?

That’s where HP comes into its own. We’re not here just to build and sell great technology, although we do that very well. We’re here to make you successful. Your success means our success. And the only way to do that is through developing a long term, strategic partnership based on trust and co-innovation. When you partner with HP you get:


  • A partner who’s in it for the long haul.
  • One number to call with end-to-end accountability.
  • Investment protection with multi-vendor support as you transition to the New Style of IT.
  • Extensive professional, consulting, maintenance and support services with 30,000 experts across 170 countries.

If you’re looking for a single, proven strategic partner, then make the smart choice. Once.


Hear from Antonio Neri, HP Senior Vice President and General Manager, explain how a partnership with HP can turn uncertainty into opportunity across your organization.   




 HP All Access:  Meet HP   (2:21)



HP has the end-to-end strategic capability, commitment to innovation, strength of partners, and stability to drive your IT and business forward.


Visit Project Smart Choice website for a free half-day consulting session for qualifying customers.


~ Tammie

About the Author


Greetings! I am on the HP Enterprise Group marketing team. Topics I am interested in include Converged Infrastructure, Converged Systems and Management, and HP BladeSystem.

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