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EADR Linux


EADR Linux



i have tried to use eadr for linux. The backup is working fine, without any error message.

Then i create the recovery.iso on another linux system with java gui.


Now i will boot with this newly created iso image but i get only a error message:


6/7/2012 4:54:38 PM Error: Starting - WARNING: /dev/xvda is not a disk image - Traceback (most recent call last): - File "/usr/bin/pygrub", line 746, in ? - raise RuntimeError, "Unable to find partition containing kernel" - RuntimeError: Unable to find partition containing kernel


My environment is a data protector 7 installation on open suse 11.4 with cm on windows 2k8 r2. The linux server is a vm on xenserver 5.6 fp2


Any ideas?



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Re: EADR Linux



Please check support matrix


As I can see SUSE 11.4 is not supported yet for EADR


Re: EADR Linux



thanks for your answer.


SUSE 11.1 is quite deprecated, current we have 12.1

The client installation and backup with on SUSE 11.4 was running without any problems.


The problem is, that the system isnt booting from rcovery iso. The system cant find the kernel - should this caused on SUSE 11.4?

  I would be surprised if that only a problem of SUSE above 11.1 but i can give it a try.




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Re: EADR Linux

Please don't mix up OpenSuSE with SLES. Data Protector supports RHEL and SLES for EADR. SLES 10 SP4 and SLES 11 SP2 are latest and greatest. Supported is SLES 10 SP3 and SLES 11 SP1 with DP 7.00 right now. Everything else could work but you need to test. If you need OpenSuSE EADR support, open an Enhancement Request with HP.

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