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7 highlights from the HP Discover Zone

DiscoverInsider on ‎12-11-2013 08:28 AM

Among the various HP products, services, business units, partners, and sponsors, there is a lot to see on the show floor of HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona. To help new and experienced attendees alike, HP provides Discover Zone tours to help you get the lay of the land. The tour walks you through some of HP’s big bets and highlights special points of interest.


We joined a tour to get an inside look at the focus of HP Discover this year. Here’s what we covered:



Attendees at HP Discover have the opportunity to try out Aurasma, HP’s augmented reality platform. Using the Aurasma app, users point their smartphone to a printed or screen image (called an “aura”). Once the aura is captured on your smartphone screen, it animates to produce your augmented reality experience.


The Aurasma booth includes numerous auras for users to try out, as well as subject matter experts to answer your questions.


Big Data

The data deluge remains a primary focus in the IT industry, which is why HP has developed a sophisticated range of products to address Big Data challenges. The Big Data area of the Discover Zone features products, services, and use cases demonstrating HP’s approach to managing Big Data. In particular, visitors can explore HAVEn, HP’s Big Data analytics platform, and see it in action via multiple demos available in the Big Data area, including how it enables various HP solutions such as Cloudera Hadoop, HP Exstream, HP IDOL OnDemand.


Converged Infrastructure

HP coined the term a few years ago, and now converged infrastructure, along with its key concepts, is being used industry wide. The Converged Infrastructure area of the Discover Zone gathers all of HP’s converged infrastructure technologies and services in one place, so you can see how the concept underpins HP’s current IT point of view. Available for exploration are the services ranging from HP Datacenter Care to HP IT Compute Services, and converged systems including HP AppSystems for SAP HANA (461KB, PDF) and HP CloudSystem.



Storage is becoming increasingly important in our data-driven world. The storage area of the Discover Zone has products on display and experts on hand to explain how storage fits within the converged infrastructure, its role in data management and analytics, how it enables the cloud, and more. One particular area of interest to explore is HP’s family of Flash-based storage products, which are providing the capabilities to file and retrieve data at super fast speeds. Don’t miss HP’s flagship storage product on display, HP StorOnce B6500.


FlexNetwork Campus and Branch Solutions

Learn all you want about software-defined networking and how it helps enterprises flatten and simplify their networks. You’ll also have an opportunity to understand how software-defined networks address today’s industry trends, including cloud, mobility, Big Data, and security. You can also explore the full breadth of HP FlexNetwork Architecture.   



The HP POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter) is a not to miss in the Discover Zone. On display in Barcelona is a new version, the HP POD 20ce, designed specifically for the EMEA market. It features (not too surprisingly) smaller dimensions and more modest power consumption. Our tour guide showed us inside the POD to see how every angle was carefully thought out, how the central server racks can slide back and forth to allow access, and how you can attach a separate chiller unit to accommodate specific conditions.


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on ‎12-12-2013 02:14 AM

An Aura isn't the thing you point the camera at, it's the augmented reality experience that results from doing so.

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