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2012 – The Year in Review across 165 Blog Posts

Nadhan on ‎01-03-2013 11:48 AM

Happy New Year! Before writing my first post in 2013, I reviewed all my 2012 posts and found that they cover a wide range of topics in our Journey through Enterprise IT Services. 

Looking far boy telescope.jpg


Here is a guided tour of my 2012 blog posts, classified by areas, themes and interesting facts, starting with a big thank you to IT:


Applications-specific areas


1. Applications Transformation needs aTransformation GPS—whether it be NASA or a 1930 Pontiac Coupe. Both Frankfurt and Las Vegas showcase Applications Modernization as an art. New Styles of IT drive newer transformation approaches, based on self-parallel-parking cars, and Mother Nature!


2. Applications Development: OccasionallyI listened to music, appreciating Forrester Analyst Phil Murphy’s observations of the sublime messages delivered through various songs across the decades


3. Applications Management is like managing personalities and cars—occasionally requiring an extreme makeover.




1. Cloud Computing: Although converging to the cloud in a standardized manner is like moving houses, it has to be done  and securely. Cloud is rapidly emerging across industries. CIOs must answer the ROI question while applying proper governance. By the way, has the Cloud impacted your resume?


2. SOA: As Iexplored the secrets behind the success of SOA, I suggested we should take lessons from SOA when integrating to the Cloud.


3. Mobility: It’s a brave new world of mobile interactions—requiring the rationalization of applications tomobilize the enterprise.


4. BYOD: Bringing Your Own Devices to your enterprise also brings its own ecosystem, which never really shuts down.


5. Information Management: Data Governance is getting renewed visibility—driving enterprises to be at least as social as their customers. We have turned the tables on computers, using informationalization to address the Data Tsunami, because Big Data is a big deal! In fact, managing information could be used for migration, or for sentiment analysis to drive application interfaces.   


6. Security is vitalin the Public Sector—requiring us to penetrate the mind of the hacker through the inception of OODA techniques—in the workplace, or in the home office.   


7. Standards: Cloud industry standards continue to emerge forService Providersand their infrastructures.  

Innovation manifests itself across the healthcare industry, and in the hospital. This is as relevant now as well as in 2020—whether it be for Applications Development, wearable devices, people, planets, petadata, or profit


8. The CIO needs to answer the ROI question, combat consumerization, and interact with the CFOtaking a cue from Mother Nature.


9.Industries: The Cloud and Mobility movements manifested themselves across multiple industries—including Airline,  Financial Services (includingRing Fencing),Healthcare and Energy.  


This is my first blog of my own.  Throughout the past year I’ve made note of some very interesting topics and events, including:  


a. Discovering new terms: Service Technology,  Data Scientist,  Return on Information and the Brontobyte


b. Relating various events and holidays to IT: Mother's Day,Valentine's Day, Graduation, Father's DayThanksgivingChristmas and the whole holiday season.


c. Reaching milestones: First Blogger Coffee Talk, First InfoOpt ChatFirst WebJam 


d. Being referenced and published elsewhere: in Forbes, ECF Blog, Open Group Blog, ZDNet and Outsourcing Center


e. Connecting with fellow bloggers: including Phil Murphy, Joe Mckendrick, Sarah Rotman EppsVinnie Mirchandani, Thomas C Redman, Geoffrey Moore   


I look forward to the New Year. I see 2013 as a time filled with possibility. And I look forward to hearing more from you.


What topics do you think I should be writing about in 2013?  Please let me know.  


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.




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