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A brave new world of 35 innovations

Nadhan on ‎09-17-2013 05:51 AM

Innovation is creativity applied with passion to disrupt our quality of life for the better – a definition that I applied to the Top 35 under 35 innovations published by MIT Tech Review. Doing so, I realized that these innovations can make it a greener, predictable, healthier, exciting, secure world for us to live in overall. Join me as I envision how these innovations change our life for the better (innovators referenced in parentheses).




1.       A greener world where wind power (John Dabiri) and portable (Xiaolin Zheng) solar power (Evans Wadongo) as well as nuclear energy (Leslie Dewan) are consumed more efficiently while we live in smarter homes with personalized thermostats (Matt Rogers).


2.       A predictable world where data scientists have an environment to compete with each other (Anthony Goldbloom) to apply their forward-thinking analytical techniques, using tools that can help predict the next disease outbreak (Kira Radinsky). We can easily find activities that we like to do (Leah Busque). We can leverage our connections in the world of innovation (Rebeca Hwang) to open new businesses at strategic locations depending upon the driving patterns of the local residents (Laura Schewel), while using cost-effective ways of conducting our financial transactions (Ben Milne).


3.       A healthier world we will know in advance the air quality (Yu Zheng), water quality (Enrique Lomnitz) and the prevalence of contagious diseases (Caroline Buckee). We can easily validate the authenticity of the prescribed medication (Bright Simons), using new ways of sending a text message. (Per Ola Kristensson). There will be reduced incidence of genetic diseases (Balaji Srinivasan) and we will understand better the root-causes of mental illness (Feng Zhang). We will have more insight into Autism, using the ability to analyze aggregated digitized data from therapy sessions (Julie Kientz). Cost-effective prosthetics and wheelchairs (Amos Winter), novel electronic devices integrated into the human body (Roozbeh Ghaffari) and early detection of heart diseases (Christine Fleming) will make it a healthier world overall.  


4.       An exciting world enabled through smarter robotics (Morgan Quigley). In an environment that fosters the growth of such ideas (Dmitry Grishin) in the world of biological research (Lina Nilsson). We can experience more accurate digitized versions of physical objects (Hao Li) and view it in 3-dimensions (David Fattal from HP Labs). When playing video games, we will be placed in the middle of a pastoral landscape (Markus Persson) that represents a unique and randomly generated world of my choice.


5.       A secure world wherewe canstrike back (Dmitri Alperovich) at the adversaries and be reassured that our service providers have innovative technologies to proactively detect fraud (Vijay Balasubramaniyan).


While we can keep track of a lot more than time using our smart watch (Eric Migicovsky), which can use cheaper electronics (Kuniharu Takei), please be aware that our brain cells (Steve Ramirez) and our immune systems (Liangfang Zhang) may be reprogrammed. That’s okay, because we can still figure out how smart we really are (Bowen Zhao).


Looking forward to the next 35 years of innovation!


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.




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