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Aurasma: The Internet of Things is here

‎08-27-2014 10:58 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:06 AM

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Aurasma: The Internet of Things is here

By Annie Weinberger, General Manager, HP Aurasma


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s an aura worth?


Imagine a mobile platform that connects print and static images to highly engaging experiences laced with video, vibrant animation, and 3D imagery. Envision a technology that transforms mobile devices into platforms that visually recognize real world objects, overlaying them with rich content to drive social interactions. That’s HP Aurasma.


Aurasma is a cloud-based augmented reality platform that allows users to transform real world visuals—logos, images, photos—into “auras” that trigger engaging visual experiences. With traditional search, to procure specific information, you open a text box, and type in some text. Within a few microseconds your screen is populated with a thicket of text listings to be scoured, prioritized, and clicked—all of which are designed to unleash still more text.


With Aurasma, advanced image and pattern recognition technology upends this static text search paradigm, displacing it with a highly visual interactive experience. This totally new paradigm has been embraced by some 65,000 global businesses and organizations to drive their brands and secure engaging connections with customers.


Argos_TryOn.JPGOffice Depot uses Aurasma to energize the Office Depot app, transforming it into an augmented reality experience. When customers scan their mobile devices over school supplies or in-store signage, they see static images come to life with vibrant video. Result: the retailer saw a 300 percent increase in Office Depot app usage.


To drive deeper viewer connections and stoke interest in upcoming releases, AMC Theatres integrated Aurasma into its own mobile app to animate movie posters in its theater lobbies. Moviegoers aim their mobile devices at the posters, launching movie trailers and a portal facilitating movie ticket sales and reservations by geo location. Result: AMC click through rates jumped 75 percent.


Inventiveness unleashed

With Aurasma, clients can turn a static visual into an interactive and engaging aura, overlaying it with compelling, sharable content. It’s as easy as drag, drop, and publish. Once the aura is created, all users have to do is download the app, aim it at the image, and engage with compelling interactive overlays. Plus, the flexible Aurasma platform makes it easy to update content on the fly for the continuous delivery of fresh experiences to drive new interactions.


Aurasma is the realization of the “internet of things;” a technology that transforms ordinary real world images into networked information-rich destinations. It has captured numerous technology awards, including “Best AR App” and “Best Overall AR” at the 2012 AR Summit Awards, a “Best of CES Finalist” award at the 2012 CES Show, and “Best Original Content for Mobile” at the 2013 Mobile Excellence Awards.  Aurasma-powered apps have also been recognized with award wins for clients such as GQ, Marvel Entertainment, and Best Western Hotels.


In an age when competing for the scarce attention of customers is more challenging than ever, deploying the most compelling technology can make the difference between securing connections, and losing opportunities. Aurasma is a mobile solution that keeps people coming back.


To learn more about innovating in the New Style of IT, visit  Enterprise Forward. And please join us for discussion in the HP Enterprise Forward LinkedIn Group.  To learn more about Aurasma, visit www.aurasma.com


Annie headshot.jpgAbout the author

As HP Aurasma’s General Manager, Annie Weinberger extends her years of marketing experience to bring a new medium known as Augmented Reality to mass market. Weinberger is also the GM of the HP Optimost business, driving SaaS solutions for marketers. Prior to HP, she held leadership positions at Autonomy and Interwoven.

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