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Business transformation with SAP HANA and SAP Mobility

janmichaelj ‎01-08-2014 11:23 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:00 AM

By:  Jan Michael P Jaudian, SAP Mobility Solution Architect


How will SAP Mobility enhance the benefits of SAP HANA? The best way to answer that is to focus on the business story – or the “WHY” of it all. Let’s look at an example for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry and how SAP HANA delivers business value through insight-driven sales. Focusing on “insight-driven sales” makes a lot of sense for SAP Mobility since most, if not all, sales people are pretty much mobile. With that, SAP has packaged a fantastic solution: SAP Customer 360 http://goo.gl/K6oJNC). It is both powered by SAP HANA and has an available SAP Customer 360 Mobile App built in! Now, how about challenging ourselves to think differently --think more about how mobility can enhance the value and manage the inherent challenges of Big Data? We need to challenge the stories we got accustomed to. Consider jointly introducing SAP HANA and SAP Mobility. With Mobility aiding in the transformation of the business by enabling  more revenue and lower cost of doing business, the relationship between both HANA and Mobility makes a lot of sense. When we’re running faster, we can now act faster – and with a mobile workforce, we can get it to our workforce faster. 


blog - Jan Jaudian - HANA Mobility small.jpg


Let’s look at another benefit of HANA to a CPG company - fast financial close. Right now, you probably have long-running reconciliations, compliance reviews, and such. Well, SAP HANA addresses those issues with “less reconciliation, fewer copy processes, real-time accounting and consolidation in one platform.” Now, how do we re-imagine this with SAP Mobility? Being one of the most critical aspects in any business, you would have multiple stakeholders that need to be informed, need to act on financial information (i.e. approvals, etc.), and maybe engage in a few more unique manual processes that can’t be automated. Wouldn’t it be great, at the very least, if you can get notified of a successful financial close immediately, view real-time status visually, and act at that moment – while you’re at an airport waiting for your flight?


blog - Jan Jaudian - HANA Mobility - last call before flight iStock_000020889465.jpg 


To extend the thought a bit – we can re-imagine and challenge ourselves to think along the lines of other ways SAP Mobility can enhance our SAP HANA investment. We can imagine and re-imagine how it can help MRP run for real-time material planning, instant material flow control, and the like.


Remember that investing in Mobility now also means investing in your future workforce. A workforce that may eventually despise having to work on the old SAP GUI. And it’s about challenging the business so we can start talking about true business transformation. Imagine monitoring your company’s financial close or your branch’s inventory replenishment status from a conference in Barcelona or at a New England Patriots’ game. It’s not far off from where the technology is right now.


Challenge yourself to re-imagine how your organization can benefit from the combination of SAP HANA and SAP Mobility.  Feel free to submit your comments/ideas.


For more info on HP’s SAP Mobility offerings: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA3-9020ENW.pdf

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SAP Technologist from APPS GD SAP Practice - Manila covering SAP NetWeaver EP, SAP Mobility and general SAP solutions.

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