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Discover the Next Wave of Thinking for Transforming to the Cloud

Nadhan on ‎05-01-2014 11:19 AM

As I work on my HP Discover presentation – DF3521 — The Three phases vital to cloud adoption, I come across this Cloud Webinar by HP CEO Meg Whitman. Whitman, who recently made the CNBC First 25 List, sets a good example for the style of leadership required for the New Style of IT. While I eagerly look forward to a webinar that introduces the next wave of cloud, here are my thoughts on the three phases vital to cloud adoption. Two out of three is not good enough for successful transformation to the Cloud.

 3 phases of Cloud Transformation.png

  • Strategy is all about ensuring that the overall business and IT strategy is well-defined for the enterprise as a whole.
  • Execution is the actual act of systematically transforming the appropriate application, and infrastructure components, to the right cloud the right way.
  • Measurement is ensuring that the tangible metrics are identified and tracked before and after the cloud transformation.


Strategy - Execution - Measurement.


Having only 1 or 2 of these phases is not a recipe for success. Let’s keep this in mind while exploring a few key scenarios I have characterized, using representative personalities.


Conformist. Execution without Strategy or Measurement.

  • This is the scenario where enterprises leap to cloud-based solutions just because others are doing it, and it must be the right thing to do. It is not necessary that all applications are well-suited for the Cloud.

Optimist. Execution with Strategy but without Measurement.

  • Definitely better than the scenario where there is no strategy. But the question is whether the enterprises are actually realizing the returns from the transformation to the Cloud. You have a strategy, and you are executing to that strategy, but are you sure that you are getting the returns? That is the question.

Gambler. Execution with Measurement but without Strategy.

  • Things might just work out well for you by chance – not by choice. Having the measurement mechanisms will confirm or deny the returns from Cloud Transformation. However, perceived short-term returns may not be in alignment with the long-term strategy.

So, what is the combination that is likely to be most effective?


Pragmatist. Execution that is continuously measured in alignment with Strategy.

  • In this combination, you define the strategy; ensure that the appropriate measuring mechanisms are in place before, during and after the transformation to the Cloud; and continuously make adjustments as needed during execution.

New Style Enterprises must be Pragmatists when they transform to the Cloud. Enterprises with the Conformist, Optimist and Gambler lifestyles are likely to remain old-style.


These are the thoughts that are seeding the content for my DF3521 presentation at HP Discover, and what I had in mind when I clicked here to sign up for Whitman's Cloud Webinar.


I look forward to discussing these scenarios in person with you at HP Discover. You know why? Because, when it comes to transforming to the Cloud, I’m a Pragmatist!  Something tells me Meg Whitman is too. You can find out more in her Cloud Webinar.


What kind of enterprise are you?


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.








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on ‎05-06-2014 06:00 PM

Great work. I wish you continued your success. Thanks...

Nadhan on ‎05-06-2014 06:05 PM

Appreciate the comment, Meftun MEDE.  Spoken like a true Optimist!


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.


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