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How is planning different for systems of engagement?

JohnBennett ‎02-03-2014 06:34 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:01 AM


Featuring:  Sean O’Leary, Senior Applications Modernization Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company


How do you need to plan differently for systems of engagement?


Systems of engagement are important because they are the way in which your customers will see you as an organization. It’s how they will get information.  It’s how they’ll buy.  It’s how they’ll ask for help.  This also applies to your employees and partners, but for them, it’s about how they’ll get their work done.  The applications and IT services that deliver these capabilities aren’t your father’s applications.


And why not?


It’s the gotchas – the unintended consequences of building mobile applications without considering the impact on both your systems of record and on your business processes. What are some of these?


Let’s start with speed.  Things are moving just too fast to use traditional IT and application planning approaches.  You need to be quick.  Agile.  Innovative.  Experimental.  Planning with those in mind is very different than in the past.  What do you do about your systems of record in this kind of environment?


And with speed comes integration.  Your back-end systems, your systems of record, your legacy applications ... you know, the stuff you use to run your business with … aren’t going to be the platform upon which you experiment.  Integration capabilities, services enabling them, managing libraries of service capabilities are how you’ll support new systems of engagement. How do you plan and manage for that?


In this video, Sean O’Leary talks about systems of engagement, and how they’re different from systems of record. He talks about what you need to focus on as an IT leader to plan and implement systems of engagement that deliver a great customer experience.


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Sean OLeary.jpgAbout Sean O’Leary         


Sean O’Leary has 30+ years of experience in the design, development and deployment of enterprise systems. Chief responsibilities include Lead Facilitator for HP’s Application Transformation Experience Workshops (TEW), HP’s global software Cloud team, and Commercial and US Public Sector consultant.  Sean has developed many of HP’s methodologies used in Applications Transformation, including those that separate legacy system technical implementation details from business requirements. He has also developed application assessments collateral used in determining how best to migrate applications to the Cloud.



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