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In the world of information security, “breach” is a four letter word

Info_Security ‎01-31-2013 06:11 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 06:45 AM

As we all know, technology has changed the way we work and communicate.   In fact, as I’m writing this post, I am sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a warm mocha on a cold day in Texas. 


Looking around the shop, I see a host of potential issues that illustrate some of our challenges.


security breach management laptop coffee shopThere’s the guy that just left his laptop open (and logged in!) while he stepped outside to take a call on his mobile. There’s the  “mysterious gent” in the back corner that just seems to be ‘observing’ everyone in the shop.  Not to be disparaging, but he’s giving me the creeps. And, there’s the young lady next to me chatting with her friend about how “awesome” it is that you can just jump on free wi-fi “just about anywhere!”  “So cool”, her friend replies, “but I hate it when you have to log in!”


Oh, those pesky passwords. 


But, I have to admit…it is kind of cool.  But, for those of us in the industry, it’s terrifying as well. 


The potential for proprietary information to end up with the wrong people is increasing minute to minute.  New devices, new networks, new attackers, new employees…you know the situation.  IT departments everywhere are adapting to keep up.  But, as you adapt, more vulnerabilities are exposed, and potentially exploited. 


Today’s reality is this:  It’s no longer a question of ‘if’ you’ll experience a data breach, but ‘when’.  How you respond could be a defining moment for your organization. 


In an effort to help organizations respond effectively, HP just launched a new solution set that will help get you started.  The HP Security Breach Management Solution identifies a set of services that will help you address a breach in progress (and resolve it quickly), manage the impact, and build an ongoing strategy to get out ahead of the next one. 


Take a look at some of the resources for the new solution:


Solution Overview Brochure

HP Forensic Readiness Services factsheet

Breach Management Live Webinar

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on ‎04-11-2013 11:24 AM

How you respond could be a defining moment for your organization.


Exactly!  As an incident responder, I have seen this in action time and time again.


Consider PCI forensic assessments, for example.  When I would show up to assist organizations with these breaches, I often saw panic and disarray.  More often than not, these breaches were expensive in a number of ways...overtime for employees, additional time for consultants/responders, notification costs, fines from compliance/regulatory bodies, etc.  For organizations that took incident preparedness seriously, these costs were significantly reduced.

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