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It takes all types of data to discover the gold mine in your enterprise

Nadhan on ‎12-10-2013 02:15 PM

“Is your Big Data a gold mine or garbage dump,” asks Brian Weiss, VP, HP Autonomy in his Big Data session at HP Discover. Weiss explains that enterprises need to be able to look at all types of data with context to glean actionable, meaningful insight – even for a simple phone call. You can capture different data elements about the phone call like the date, time, duration etc. But what was the prevailing mindset during the conversation? Was the caller (think customer) angry? How about having a solution to look at both the structured metadata about the phone call as well as the unstructured sentiment. Voila: HPExploreCloud - A solution that can discover the gold mine in your enterprise.

 Big Data Gold Mine.PNG

HPExploreCloud enables the analysis of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data – including data that is public in social media channels and private to your enterprise.



It takes all types of data to perform analysis that helps enterprises combine what customers are thinking about their brand along with their sales data. Software may define the brand in today's world which only accentuates the need for continuous analysis of the prevailing sentiment.


NASCAR's Fan and Media Engagement Center – powered by HP ExploreCloud – processes 6K tweets a minute, 65K posts per day and one million posts per event. Scientific analysis of this high volume of data helps gauge the right sentiment. Recently, NASCAR's legal team had some concerns about posting pictures of a crash online. This triggered a reaction from the NASCAR fans over social media that made NASCAR officials reconsider their decision and take appropriate steps in a timely fashion and continue with the race.



Despite the emergence of unstructured data, our dependency on structured data has not gone away. HP itself, a global enterprise of almost 300K employees, conducts an annual internal survey of 45 questions, which returns about 250K responses. Enter HPExploreCloud to process this structured information. A solution that can analyze unstructured data every second like NASCAR and also process high volumes of structured data (e.g. HP surveys). It takes all types.


“NASCAR is Formula One with overtaking,” quipped Weiss before moving on to another real-life application of this technology. Tottenham Spurs, a retailer of the football related goods, drives for the best to please their customers who may be buying these goods not just for themselves but also for their fans. They use their Social Media Command Center to obtain a holistic view of what their fans are excited about.



Weiss refers to the Eduction feature of HP Autonomy IDOL that enables enterprises to distinguish the relevant parts of a large sets of data – information that matters. It may take all types of data. But, you only need data that matters to discover the gold mine. What can enterprises do to discover their gold mine? How about reaching out to a partner who has the complete transformation package?



How does Big Data look like within your enterprise? What steps would you consider to process this data into a gold mine? Please let me know.


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