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The Virtual Event that can make Change Real in your Enterprise

Nadhan on ‎08-15-2013 09:38 AM

While I enjoy attending global conferences—such as HP Discover 2013 — in person, I also look forward to virtual events, which I attend from workplace. I especially enjoy virtual events, such as the Power to Change, sponsored by HP. If you attend this event, you’ll learn how the New Style of IT is driving change with the user at its nerve center. You can then take appropriate steps to make this change within your enterprise today to stay competitive tomorrow.


Power to Change.png

Change is the common theme woven throughout the sessions. The event will be held on two separate dates aligning with time zones. The Cloud and Automation Track is of particular interest to me. As an HP Cloud Advisor, I am also speaking during the session titled, “The Shift from Server to Services.” I plan to share my thoughts on these sessions and look forward to yours:


1.        The seven success factors for becoming a cloud service broker. What the cloud is perceived to be depends on who you are. The New Style of IT is driving CIOs to combat its consumerization in a cooperative vein. Service Brokers must orchestrate the right set of services to effectively deliver on business objectives for the enterprise.


2.       The value of automation with or without cloud. While the need for automation is traditional, the Cloud is a catalyst for effective automation opportunities. For instance, consider the ability to dynamically allocate compute, network and storage resources across a well-knit fabric of service providers. It is a fertile ground for automating the seamless management across physical (traditional) and virtual (cloud) resources in a converged cloud environment.


3.        The shift from servers to services. This is the session in which I’ll be speaking. The Cloud is not only changing how you source and deliver technology. It’s also leading enterprises to be more service centric. This shift refocuses IT organizations and changes how they serve the business and evolve the skillsets of their workforce.


4.       Pragmatic steps for successful cloud transformations. It is all about systemically transforming the landscape of applications to the cloudscape of services. The cloudscape represents a convergence of multiple cloud environments. It is rarely a one-cloud-fits-all strategy.


After attending these sessions, try identifying the following:


a. 5 success factors that apply for a cloud service broker to be effective


b. 4 automation opportunities across your traditional and cloud environments


c. 3 steps that you need to take to be effective as a service-centric enterprise


d. 2 key mechanisms to track the return on your investment in Cloud Transformation


e. 1 Virtual Event that will help you answer all of the above (Hint: Click here).


The answers are likely to make IT real for your enterprise. That’s the Power To Change.


I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this virtual event. And I hope you’ll attend the session where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the shift from Servers to Services.


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.




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