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The state of technology in 25 years

Nadhan on ‎06-12-2014 11:48 AM

I came out of Meg Whitman’s keynote at HP Discover and saw the HP 2039 video booth, where attendees could share their thoughts on what technology would look like in 25 years. Charged by the forward-thinking shared during the keynote address, I quickly synthesized my own thoughts into the 1-minute video clip below. 



Triggered by this exercise, here are my thoughts on the state of technology in 2039.

  • Information. Data will continue to get generated, but will be selectively processed with the application of complex analytics to generate information that matters. This will include information that you know you need and also information that you don't even know exists. Upcoming information requirements will be anticipated ahead of time, and presented to you for your consideration. For example, the weather patterns in your favorite vacation spot will come to you around the time you should be booking tickets. You may not even have thought of it.
  • Presentation. Information will be presented through different channels. It could be to any of the devices you adorn or could be the appliances that are part of your environment, based upon your presence being detected. Your experience will continue to get personalized to the extent that you will virtually feel like you are the center of the universe wherever you go.
  • Interaction. Human-to-human interaction will occur more and more through devices. The significance of a physical hug or a handshake will continue to increase in value, since it will become increasingly rare. Cursive writing has already taken a backseat. Given increasing levels of interaction through devices, even the basic articulation of your thoughts may become a legacy art over the years. Interaction that is happening today between the Internet of Things will continue to happen with a difference. The things of today have to be engineered to interact with one another already. In 25 years, the things would automatically figure out who they need to interact with. Let’s just hope that humans will be somewhere in the list of things that they choose to interact with!

There is an imminent downside to these exciting technological prospects. The quantum of human knowledge will go through a steady decline. The general knowledge humans are aware of today—without reaching out to a device (no Google or Wikipedia)—will go through a rapid decline.


All is not lost on that front either. There are already studies underway where human DNA is being considered as a storage medium for Big Data. Perhaps we will come full circle and look into possibilities of importing the right set of data into human DNA (and therefore, the human brain).


Imagination has no limits. And in that vein, HP Discover 2039 may not even have a video booth like this one, because the devices of 2039 would have already figured where technology is headed in the next 25 years! Click here to share your thoughts by video.


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