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What data is important? And what’s really not?

Info_Security ‎05-27-2014 05:07 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:04 AM

By Jeff Hales, Data Protection & Privacy Practice Lead, HP

It’s sometimes strange working for a company like HP, you forget what a massive complex organisation you work for, until something like Discover comes along and gives you a reminder. It’s a bit like data, you forget how much you have until something reminds you. Today my renewal for my personal cloud storage came in, so I checked to see how much storage I need, turns out I have just over 260Gb and 56,495 files which includes documents, pictures, music and home video. The question is though, how much do I really care about and how much is duplication and products of my son playing with Photoshop and pictures of Pokémon?




My personal problem is the same as that which a lot of organisations are facing…what do I need to protect?


For our customers, that’s easy, call HP and have the Data Protection & Privacy practice help.


For me, I get to sort through 15,000 plus photos and 800 files to see what I want to protect and what is a picture of Pikachu wearing glasses and a moustache!


If you’re attending HP Discover June 10 – 12, join my session below and we’ll talk some more about what really needs protecting. 


Do you really know who has your information?  How to create the right strategy to protect your data – Jeff Hales, Offering Manager

In this session, HP discusses the value of a strong Data Loss Prevention strategy and effective implementation to protect vital information.  The right plan should help you assess your existing data landscape; identify risk to your data at rest, in motion and in use; measure the effectiveness of established DLP solutions and identify potential gaps that are being exploited.  We will also discuss how your rules, policies and processes should secure your data and control access to it. 


Discussion Forum Session ID:  DF3476

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