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Excel Sheet to Schedule QC Test Sets

by efraim_taranto on ‎03-21-2013 06:47 AM

Hi All,


I've built the attached workbook and so far it has helped us to schedule QTP scripts using QC.


Hope you find it useful as well!

sarahzhaoc on ‎10-10-2013 12:05 PM

the execel sheet is very nice, but can you show us how to use it so that we can benefit from your work?  Thanks

on ‎11-13-2013 02:46 AM

I agree with sarahzhaoc.


Also what about the buttons?

QTPFan1 on ‎12-06-2013 08:18 AM

Thanks for sharing the excel sheet... I am using a vbs file that works on same concept as the excel sheet..


But there is an issue with the "Test run scheduler" that we are currently facing.
Any help from you is really appreciated :)

Details about the issue:

We are using a VBS file to initiate QTP scripts execution.
Based on the script names we have listed in an excel file the VB file, using OTA concepts executes tests by using the scheduler.
The issue we are facing is the scheduler lists junk script names in the list every time we start a fresh execution.
Since we are dealing with scripts count of more than 100, every time the list in the scheduler grows in number due to listing of junk scripts that we executed in previous execution. Due to this QTP eventually crashes.
I was trying to find a way we could clear the scheduler list before every fresh execution. But for the TSScheduler object there seems to be no methods available to do this.
So please let me know if you are aware of any ways to clearing the scheduler list.
on ‎02-01-2015 07:59 PM

set a flag with YES/NO in excel and add a condition - read the cell (flag value), If "YES" execute.

Peace on ‎07-13-2015 03:42 PM

Hi  efraim_taranto,


This is indeed an amazing utility. Hats off to you and many bows!!!


I was going through the spreadsheet and the associated code and have quite a few questions. It would be very helpful to build my knolwedge base if you can answer these questions for me:


Could you please help me understand these aspects:

1. On the spreadsheet there's this column called "Pred. Id". I am not sure the purpose of it (Is it short for "predecessor"? I do not know what that means from the QC/ ALM perspective)


2. I saw a declaration as below on the "QC Connectivity" module and wasn't sure why a .dll file is required (I am not familar with DLL creations). Also, does the DLL get invoked without requiring an exclusive function call?


Declare Function WNetGetUser Lib "mpr.dll" _
Alias "WNetGetUserA" (ByVal lpName As String, _
ByVal lpUserName As String, lpnLength As Long) As Long
Const NoError = 0 'The Function call was successful


I think I have some more questions but didn't think it was right to throw them all at once.