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How to make the SAP server list under Record and Run Settings not blank?

by on ‎01-08-2013 12:34 PM

Sometimes when you selects Automation -> Record and Run Settings, and click on SAP tab. Then select "Open the following SAP Gui Client when a record or run session begins" radio button. After that the "Server Description" drop-down list is empty.


To resolve the issue, please perform the steps below:


1. Open Window's Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel).


2. Double-click on System.


3. Select the Advanced tab and click the "Environment Variables" button.


4. Verify if there is an entry called SAPLOGON_INI_FILE


5. Click on the "New" button and enter the variable name, SAPLOGON_INI_FILE, and the full path to the saplogon.ini file. Include the file itself in the path.


After that, please open saplogon.ini, and confirm if the server information are written in the file. Its structure is based on following schema to list the servers that both QTP and SAPLOGON.exe can connect to: