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jQuery support in QTP / UFT

by on ‎01-15-2013 03:05 PM

There are some queries which we commonly see about JQuery.


To first talk about JQuery , there are two things : 1 ) jQuery  2 ) jQuery UI


jQuery ( ) : jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.


jQueryUI ( ) : jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.


Now regarding support for it in QTP/UFT :


jQuery based library is not a User Interface (UI) library and QTP support depends on which library is used in the application. Our current solution is to use Web Extensibility Accelerator that can help to develop your own support.


For Example: QTP does not have out-of-box support for Ajax application developed by JQuery.

There are Enhancement requests submitted to our R&D for supporting applications developed in conjunction with JQuery in QTP.


Enhancement ID: QCCR1J15219: Support fot Ajax application which is developed by jQuery. 

Enhancement ID: QCCR1J14819: Telerik and JQuery controls


You can track the progress of the enhancement requests using the following link:


As per jQueryUI toolkit (, UFT 11.5 provides built-in Web Add-in Extensibility support for it. The support for this toolkit is packaged as a child add-in of the Web Add-in. If you install the Web 2.0 Toolkit Support, you can load this support by selecting the JQueryUI toolkit in the Add-in Manager. The Web 2.0 Toolkit Support Setup is available from the Add-in Extensibility and Web 2.0 Toolkits option in the UFT 11.5 setup.


The version of jQueryUI toolkit supported with UFT 11.5 is 1.8.16 

rkrish1 on ‎05-29-2015 12:48 AM


This is Ramakrishna


We are using (Tool Version : UFT 12.02) for automation.Actually we are automating "GWT(Google Web 


Toolkit") technology application.We are facing object identification issues for GWT application.

My application has no unique objects.(Ex:text,html id,innertext,name etc...).Object properties keep changes dynamically(Even "html id'"s also).


Even WebTable has no unique properties to identify particular webTable(Only class property available.But all webtable has same class property)


Most of the objects identifying as "WebElemnts".


Please suggest how to identify unique object identification in GWT controls application.


Note : i already tried UFT "Web toolkit " add-in patch.



Please let me know any more information.