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Bowling for the cloud computing dollars

JudyRedman on ‎02-22-2011 07:32 PM

 I went bowling last weekend.  Whenever I hit the lanes, I think of my dad who was a darn good bowler. Dad loved bowling ever since he was a teenager when his first job was as a pinsetter in the small Wyoming community where he grew up. Before the advent of the automated bowling center, pinsetters like my dad had the job of manually resetting the bowling pins to their correct position, returning bowling balls to the players and keeping the game moving, albeit much more slowly than today.

pinsetters with source.jpg


In thinking about Dad’s first job and the modern bowling centers of today, it struck me that our Cloud Service Automation is doing for cloud computing what the automated pinsetter machine did for bowling…and MORE.  Let’s take a look back at history.


As a result of the demanding nature of the job, bowling establishments mostly hired young teen boys as pinsetters and opened for business in the evening hours. The alleys had a hard time finding and keeping workers. Because they were teens and because the work was so strenuous, the “pin boys” were often undependable. Play was slow.  It took time to reset each of the ten pins into position.  What was needed was a more reliable, faster, better way.  In 1951, technology changed everything. American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF) bought the patent for an automatic pinspotter machine and by 1952 production models were available. 

Without a doubt, the automatic pinsetter led to the bowling boom that swept the world beginning in the 1960s. No longer was the bowling center owner dependent on the pin boys and there was a massive growth in bowling alley construction globally.  In fact, thanks to automation, bowling continues to be one of the world’s most popular pastimes today.


HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) is the engine and autopilot at the heart of your cloud computing environment.  It is a solution composed of a portal, catalogue, automation and monitoring and management software for deploying and managing cloud services. CSA automates and simplifies the deployment of infrastructure, databases, middleware and applications and facilitates composite application provisioning and monitoring in cloud computing environments. Virtualization, composite applications and cloud services can add so much complexity to your IT, yet automation can streamline the process, reduce the risks and improve operational efficiency, just as it did for the modern bowling center. 


There are many advantages of automatic pinsetting machines compared to the manual process.  First, the machines are reliable. Unlike teenage pinsetters, the machines always show up for work and rarely break down.  Like HP Cloud Service Automation does for the IT department, the automated pinsetters give the bowling center owners more control over their environment and allow for better resource management.  They can open for longer hours (not just after school), accommodate more customers and use fewer employees.


Second, quality of service is better with the automated machines. Unlike the manual process that meant sometimes bowling pins were not placed properly, the automatic machines consistently put the pins in the same place every time--quickly.  HP CSA also provides consistency and improved quality for the IT department reducing risk to the business. With CSA Advanced Configuration Management, the IT department improves its service quality by facilitating capacity planning, service level management and rapid troubleshooting.


Finally, with automated operations, bowling centers benefit from lower labor costs and customers enjoy a better overall bowling experience. The day-to-day cost of running the business goes down, service goes up and they open for more hours, increasing their bottom line.  And the automated pinsetters allow bowling centers to scale up and down with business demand.  With automated pinsetters you can have every lane open if it is a busy evening, yet during the day you can operate with just one – and still react if a carload of bowling addicts walk in during “off peak” hours.



Since the introduction of the first automatic machines, the technology has continued to progress. Today’s pinsetters have advanced features, computers that allow for more intelligent decision-making, and cycles that hasten play.  Computers now do the scoring for you.  What a difference from the days when you had to wait for a boy to reset the pins each time and manually keep score.  With CSA you can add new services for your customers to select and use… and you can deploy as many of any of these as you need (assuming you have the underlying capacity).

Because applications and infrastructure can be automatically deployed properly the first time, and every time, when needed, HP Cloud Service Automation can dramatically reduce your IT team’s effort by freeing up resources, as well as lowering cost while improving compliance with organizational standards, allowing IT to invest in innovation rather than simply keeping the lights on.



Because the cloud makes everything faster, automated tools for application development and testing play an even bigger role for successful private cloud implementations. Although bowling automation is a simple repeatable process, CSA gives you the ability to do provisioning and automation for composite applications – the opposite of simple.  CSA gives you the edge to zero in with the agility necessary for your cloud journey. 



 So what do you think?  Can cloud computing do for IT what pinsetter automation has done for the bowling industry?  


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Judy Redman has been writing about all areas of technology for more than 20 years.

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