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Converged Cloud, more than a vision

‎04-12-2012 02:26 AM - edited ‎10-26-2015 10:04 PM

We announced Converged Cloud earlier this week, describing our cloud point of view. But we actually announced more than that. We also described a number of products and services addressing key needs of IT departments. You can find a full description on my CloudSource blog. Let me highlight some of them here.


Having worked with industries in general and the manufacturing industry in particular for years, I have seen an increased importance put on communication and collaboration within the enterprise and across the supply chain. Unified communication and collaboration tools have existed for a number of years now, but the uptake has been slow. The management and ownership of the environment has often been at the center of the debate, particularly when multiple enterprises are involved. Customers have been asking for a trusted third party to manage that for them. This is precisely what ECS-Unified Communication provides.


Many companies are looking at disaster recovery. Particularly when a disaster strikes somewhere, enterprises are reviewing their DR plans. But those are costly, require equipment that is in standby, or imply a partner that syndicates needs from multiple customers to reduce costs. Why not use the cloud for such things? Could we provide an equivalent environment from the cloud if the IT systems are no longer operational? That is precisely what we propose with ECS – Continuity, another service that was announced.


We keep talking about private, managed private and public cloud. That’s great, but as CIO, you may no longer be interested in having to manage, maintain and operate your private cloud. But you would like to make sure it’s private to the enterprise as it runs your core systems. ECS – Private Cloud addresses those needs by managing your private cloud either in your data center or in an HP datacenter, as you wish.


A cloud consists fundamentally of three types of things, one or a number of datacenters, a zillion of devices and a network. Optimizing the use of that network, ensuring the right latency to applications, while keeping virtual LANs fully separate from each other requires tools and skills. We have announced new offerings in both spaces.


And I could go on like this. Take a moment to look at the complete announcement and decide what addresses your needs. Converged Cloud is a vision, a point of view, but also a journey. Why not embark on this journey with us?

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