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Day 2. Feeling insecure?

JimGardner on ‎11-30-2011 08:14 AM

Day 2 of HP Discover.


I have noticed that we aren’t at risk at starving at this event. Besides the lunches and tea and coffee throughout the venue, there are also vendors in the main concourse hawking free hot dogs and sandwiches. You won’t find me taking advantage of that offer though. I can see the catering prep area in the Discover Zone (exhibition area) but by comparison, no one knows where those ‘free’ sandwiches come from. I can’t see them being prepared. I know Symatec is sponsoring the tea and coffee. No one is sponsoring the free hot dogs. Even if Vienna invented and has maintained leadership in the tubular food delivery industry for centuries, I just don’t like the fact that the dogs' storage and delivery is so … ethereal.

Sounds remarkably similar to the same resistance I sometimes hear to SaaS and Cloud adoption.

“If I can’t see my data center, I can’t be confident that the Cloud will be as secure and available as I need it to be.”

I sympathize. For my personal files, I have an external drive, a few CDs, and several thumb drives in addition to a Cloud-based back-up storage service. This on top of the back-up systems built into Windows. This is as much a reflection of my personal near-paranoia regarding security (not unfounded given my history with stolen PCs and an untimely BSOD erasing a graduate thesis years ago – it still stings) as it is a generalized human need to feel secure and in control. It doesn’t need to be that way, however, with today’s ever-improving security technologies and evolving security processes.

In fact, HP SaaS recently updated its HP SaaS Information Security document, wherein we discuss the latest in our Best Practices about security policies and processes. This new document’s content is based on past experience with customers’ concerns and questions, as well as research on the common questions about not only SaaS’, but also the cloud industry’s security. These were gathered in this following document together with a detailed explanation regarding HP SaaS information security management system and our ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

In addition, at the final HP Discover plenary today, Prith Banarjee of HP Labs spoke of HP Labs’ focuses on Cloud security including G-Cloud, which provides secure platforms and infrastructure; and Scalable Storage – distributed data algorithms for “worry-free” storage in the Cloud.

So taken together, HP and HP SaaS clearly have their eye on making you eminently confident in the security of your data. For those of us who prefer to see how (literally and figuratively) “the sausage is made”, know this: you’re welcome to explore our ’kitchen’ anytime. Just ask your HP representative for your copy of our HP SaaS security document.

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Jim is a technology marketer with over two decades experience in product launch, branding, and product marketing

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