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HP CloudSystem Matrix is the cheese—it stands alone

Grantby ‎01-14-2014 09:22 AM - edited ‎12-05-2015 08:35 PM

For the past few posts, we’ve taken a deep dive into HP CloudSystem and HP CloudSystem Matrix Software with Brad Kirby and Andy Schneider. Along the way, we’ve discovered why the journey to the cloud is unique, and how HP can help make the transition to the New Style of IT both efficient and cost-effective.


To conclude our series, we asked HP CloudSystem product manager Andy Schneider to offer his insight into what makes HP’s software solution unique. Here’s what he had to say.


Cloud-Computing_marq.jpgWhat makes HP CloudSystem Matrix unique from other solutions?

Schneider: There are really three aspects of HP CloudSystem Matrix that are differentiators and unique from other solutions that are on the market today. To fully understand these differences, you need to get a clear view of how the software solution evolved.


The bursting capabilities of HP CloudSystem Matrix  was the very first capability we built that used OpenStack. The connector that we have that goes from CloudSystem into public clouds and back into private environments is an OpenStack connector. So our first foray into hybrid cloud was through OpenStack.


Another unique capability is the way HP CloudSystem enables analytics. From the very beginning, HP CloudSystem has had the ability to manage and monitor what is going on within the specific solutions. HP Capacity Advisor was always there to look and listen, and there was a smart intelligence advisor that managed “what-if” scenerios to enable admins to predict potential capacity issues. What we’ve done is grown those capabilities to look at over-used and under-used systems. HP CloudSystem Matrix analytics also looks at trends and targeted problems, based on utilization limits. So, really the strong analytics portion of HP CloudSystem Matrix owes it’s differentiation to the evolution of HP solutions. These analytics are there to enable businesses make intelligent decisions when it comes to provisioning services.


Administrators can do this with provided queries, or customize the queries themselves, to look at issues specific to their environments. This all takes place in a very dynamic environment. It is a very strong component of the overall solution.


Finally, the recovery management capabilities of HP CloudSystem Matrix are truly unique in that they can go from physical to virtual and then back to physical if the system is recovering from a failure or natural disaster. This is quite different from environments that have mirroring. Replication and mirroring have to be active/active, so they can be costly solutions for recovery. But if you have storage replication, say through 3PAR, and you have HP CloudSystem Matrix running in both environments, you can create a log of services or profiles that you want to recover. All you do is launch the recovery process and HP CloudSystem Matrix runs through that list, one by one, and brings those services back online at the remote site. Recovery management is all included in the product — there’s no incremental cost except for the storage replication software at the remote site.


Here’s what unique: If you are running a physical process on your primary site and that system goes down for some reason, you can recover the process using a virtual solution at the remote site. Then, once your primary site is back up and running, you can restore the physical service at the primary site. In other words, you can go from physical to virtual and back to physical using the recovery management capabilities of HP CloudSystem Matrix.  


Learn more about HP CloudSystem Matrix analytics or recovery management, by checking out this technical whitepaper.

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