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Out of sprawl comes order

JudyRedman on ‎02-01-2011 11:23 AM

There is debate about who said, “out of chaos comes order.”  Everyone from Nietzsche to Orwell to –would you believe?--Maxwell Smart has been credited with the saying.  But regardless of who first coined the phrase, order and control are definitely sought after in the data center. 


But how does IT spin out of control?  A major culprit is IT sprawl, the explosion of data and technologies that IT must manage, including private and public cloud systems as well as traditional IT.   We at HP call this multi-sourced IT delivery system, hybrid delivery.  And to make matters worse, many CIOs find that business units are buying their own “public” cloud solutions, bypassing the IT department and further exacerbating the IT sprawl problem.


So how do you embrace the benefits of cloud while effectively managing and controlling this multi-sourced IT world?  Hybrid delivery models that are incorrectly managed can increase complexity, risk and costs, negating the potential benefits of cloud computing.



HP CloudSystem and Cloud Service Automation can help


Yenterprise in clouds15-95eae5a895c2.jpgou need a solution to turn IT sprawl into order and regain control of the technology your organization needs to meet its business objectives.  On Jan. 25, HP announced  a number of solutions to help you build a complete cloud infrastructure that scales across multiple sources; automates provisioning, orchestration and lifecycle management; provides end-to-end security, and supports the widest range of applications and supporting environments.


The superstar of the new cloud offerings is HP CloudSystem, the industry’s most complete cloud solution.  What’s cool about CloudSystem is that it supports any application, managed across any source, and delivered at any scale. The HP CloudSystem was architected to unify the control and delivery of cloud services on- and off-premises—from internal cloud services in the data center, to HP-hosted clouds, to external sources such as Amazon EC2 services. 


Based on market leading HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) and HP Converged Infrastructure, HP CloudSystem is designed to help businesses and government organizations build, manage and consume hybrid cloud services.  As the engine and autopilot for CloudSystem, the CSA software suite helps you manage a hybrid environment. It gives you a unified view of your cloud services and allows one-touch infrastructure and application provisioning from a single self-service portal, in a private or public cloud environment. CSA offers a Self-Service Portal, Cloud Orchestration, as well as Resource Management.



Cloud Service Automation helps speed and simplify delivery of cloud services through a series of predefined and fully automated workflows. This lifecycle approach gives you the speed and flexibility you need, while still providing control over the environment.  


With HP CloudSystem and Cloud Service Automation  you can regain order and control of your IT environment.  And, you can take the credit for saying, “out of IT sprawl, comes order.”  We have a white paper with more details on how HP CSA works and how it can help you.


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Judy Redman has been writing about all areas of technology for more than 20 years.

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