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Public vs. Private Cloud: Who benefits from which one?

Chris Purcell ‎05-18-2012 08:22 AM - edited ‎10-26-2015 09:54 PM

Written by Jacob Van Ewyk


Public cloud versus private cloud? Who benefits from which one? Is one better than the other, depending on the size of our organization? This was the topic of debate on ZDNet's Hot Topics web cast a couple of weeks ago. I had the chance to join the host, Jonas Tichenor, Stephen Comstock from CBS Interactive, David Gewirtz and Andrew Nusca to discuss this topic.


Despite the many different backgrounds, everyone quickly agreed that whatever the size of your organization, the deployment model will depend on the use case. The end result is that most customer will end up in a hybrid model - likely with workloads spread across traditional IT infrastructure, public, private, and managed clouds.


With the diverse backgrounds of the panel members, there were quite a few considerations when evaluating public and private clouds - costs, agility, access to appropriate expertise, security, management tools, backup options, portability, and more. However, once again, the consensus was that the key evaluation factors for the model would vary by the use case and the organization.


Security - and the related topics of compliance, auditing, etc. were another great discussion point. Once again, while there were different approaches among the various panel members, the key take away was that the organization that was considering cloud was responsible for these areas, no matter which deployment model was chosen.


After a great discussion, my conclusion was that anyone considering cloud needs to develop an appropriate cloud strategy with the understanding that workloads may end up in traditional IT, private, managed, or public cloud based on the use case and organizational requirements and priorities. If you are looking for help developing your cloud strategy, HP's Converged Cloud Workshop has been a popular option with many of the customer's I've spoken with.


Where are you on the cloud journey? Are you considering public, managed, or private cloud? If so, what are your key evaluation criteria and concerns about the various cloud models?


Jacob Van Ewyk


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