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Putting HP SaaS to the CloudTweaks Test—5 (better) reasons why SaaS works for business today

JimGardner on ‎09-16-2010 07:32 PM

I recently came across this blog [] by CloudTweaks [], an online resource site that includes articles, blogs, tutorials, and other resources from CTOs, CEOs and technology thought leaders.  This particular blog has a point-of-view that echoes my personal opinion.  To quote from the article, “SaaS is the most promising development in…business.” (BTW, Anthony Park of CloudTweaks was one of the bloggers at our HP Software & Solutions Blogger Summit, Sept. 9-10, in Cupertino.)


The blog is titled, “Advantages of SaaS” and it provides an excellent overview of the basic requirements and expectations for SaaS. As I work for HP, I couldn’t help to notice, however, where HP has addressed each of these market requirements – and then delivered even more against each one. So let’s review how a smart IT services buyer could demand – and receive – even more than Anthony Parks’ excellent definitions suggest. HP anticipated these market requirements as their SaaS offerings developed, and has gone one better on each.  First, I’ll describe each of the key advantages of SaaS per the CloudTweaks article.  Then I’ll point out how HP’s software-as-a-service solutions meets and exceeds each one. 


Benefit #1:  A major advantage of SaaS is that the vendor has the duty of managing the application for you, including the software and hardware components.  SaaS providers have the responsibility to upgrade their SaaS software regularly and they take care of backup and recovery and network issues.  Not only has HP SaaS been a leader in this regard,  HP manages the application for you and handles hardware and software provisioning, backup, recovery, upgrades and network issues.  HP SaaS also assigns an individual Technical Account Manager to each customer whose job it is help assure high adoption and fast time-to-value from each solution. You can, and should, require this level of service from your SaaS vendor.


Benefit #2:  The economics of SaaS are widely known. Because you pay only a set price per month or on a per use basis, you don’t pay for hardware, software, maintenance, end user support and other features that you would need if you managed the application in-house using your data center. HP SaaS offer this rapid deployment, but also offers over a decade of best practices that assures that the process of converting to or adding a SaaS solution is the easiest and most seamless process in the industry.  Proof of the benefits of HP experience are revealed in these case studies. You should demand experienced and knowledgeable processes and procedures from your SaaS vendor.


»  AEC (0.8MB, PDF)

  »  AAPT (0.20MB, PDF)

  »  Sportsbet (0.11MB, PDF)


Benefit #3:  Flexibility and scalability are hallmarks of SaaS implementations.  You can use as much or as little as you need of the vendor’s software.  Because HP SaaS is designed for integration across the HP portfolio, you have the flexibility to transition between an on-premise deployment and SaaS when you are ready.  Furthermore, HP continues to introduce new offerings such as Service Manager Value Suite designed to assure that companies of all sizes, industries, and IT requirements can afford the latest software by investing in only those solutions and solution features they really need, and allow for later scalability as it is required. Savvy SaaS buyers should require a comprehensive portfolio from their vendor.


Benefit #4:  SaaS applications are constantly kept up-to-date.  HP SaaS solutions are upgraded regularly so you don’t have to install or upgrade your applications.  We do it for you on a regular basis.  Plus, because we are part of HP, you get the more than a decade of SaaS innovation from HP Labs and HP engineering.  You should require your vendor to deliver the best and latest software regularly.


Benefit #5: You don’t have to be in the data center to manage your SaaS applications.  Most apps can be managed from a laptop or smart phone.  HP SaaS provides various options to its customers, from fully managed services where all administration activities are performed by HP SaaS product experts to “self-service” options where customers or partners are responsible for configuring the products and end-user administration and support.  For example, Software as a Service for HP SiteSeer is a self-service hosted operations monitoring service that allows you to verify that your critical business systems are available from remote locations across the Internet. Okay, so it’s a stretch, but let’s not forget that HP not only allows you to manage SaaS applications remotely, they’ve gone one better to even provide the laptops, netbooks, and smartphones!


Okay, so I’m biased regarding HP. But SaaS is not always a commodity, and a smart IT services buyer should – and can – demand more from their SaaS provider.


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About the Author


Jim is a technology marketer with over two decades experience in product launch, branding, and product marketing

on ‎09-24-2010 08:27 AM

The Test 5 is really great. With innovation in Cloud Community News, CloudTweaks is not only growing fast, but also catching up with Cloud Vendors.

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