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Putting HP cloud solutions to the InformationWeek test--5 key criteria to consider with cloud

JudyRedman on ‎02-07-2011 07:02 AM


InformationWeek ran an interesting article recently by Michele Pepe-Warren. In the article, Tips For Tapping The Cloud,”  Pepe-Warren lists five key criteria that businesses should consider when assessing whether or not a cloud-based offering is right for them. I decided to put HP’s cloud offerings to the InformationWeek test to see how well they stack up.



Key Criteria #1:  Usability.  Cloud computing solutions need to be easy to use, easy to configure and quick to set up and implement. HP has a number of cloud solutions that make getting to the cloud easier.  For example,  HP CloudStart is a fast-track private cloud solution that’s available in less than 30 days after hardware installation and start-up. And HP just announced a new offering--HP CloudSystem  that helps you deploy an on-demand service delivery environment that provides easy access to self-service resources from a secure, on-premises or hybrid environment.


Key Criteria #2: Affordability. If the cloud won’t save you money, why go there?  You need the options of pay-as-you-go and/or pay-as-you-use. For example,HP SaaS, a managed service delivered through the Internet, is an affordable solution that accelerates usage and adoption and helps you maximize the full value of HP software products through best practices and ongoing mentoring.  We at HP also believe you should weigh agility along with affordability.


Key Criteria #3: Solution-centeredness. By this, the article means you must make sure you are solving a real business need with the cloud computing solution and not just getting into cloud because it’s the latest trend.  HP Services offers a full-day Cloud Discovery Workshop that will help you determine your cloud strategy, whether or not you need cloud computing and how to map a strategy that’s right for you. 


Key Criteria #4.  Visibility and control.   Every IT department will tell you they must have visibility and control.  HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) provides intelligent automation for building and managing cloud services. HP CSA lets organizations speed cloud service delivery and management with one-touch provisioning and monitoring.  With HP Cloud Service Automation, you can more easily add and adopt cloud services without having to sacrifice IT governance and controls.  HP Cloud Assure provides additional control over Infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service.



Key Criteria #5.  Flexibility. HP has a variety of cloud solutions that lets you have it your way.  For example, HP Enterprise Cloud Service-Compute makes bundles of server, storage, network, and security available to be consumed as a service. In other words, you can deploy private cloud as a service.  With this offering, you can access IT capacity that rapidly adjusts with your requirements, paying only for the resources that are needed and nothing more. It lets you scale your cloud capacity as much as you like within a range that you define.  And you can choose between HP-managed or client-managed server packages with HP Enterprise Cloud Service-Compute. These packages provide for rapid ordering and provisioning of physical or virtual servers with standard HP-managed facilities, network, hardware, software, maintenance, and ongoing infrastructure management services.


As shown above, HP’s cloud solutions more than meet the InformationWeek criteria. In addition to the InformationWeek criteria, I would like you to consider what HP believes cloud solutions must be:  

  • Secure: Guaranteed delivery of agreed-upon security levels (for example, threat protection, privacy, compliance) and data and intellectual property protection
  • Open: No lock in – modular infrastructure and services that support heterogeneous environments
  • Automated: Policy based automation and management that integrates cloud with legacy assets and services to provide integrated service catalogs and end-to-end service quality
  • Resilient: Guaranteed delivery of agreed-upon availability, quality and performance service levels
  • Seamless: Combine public and private cloud services with traditionally deployed services and outsourced services to deliver a seamless experience


We design our cloud, SaaS and hybrid delivery solutions with the above requirements and we also meet the criteria in the InformationWeek article as well.   


Which criteria do you think are most important?  How would you rank the criteria in terms of importance to your organization?  What cloud offerings are most important to you?  


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Judy Redman has been writing about all areas of technology for more than 20 years.

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